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In the supply chain, quality management is a critical step toward reducing the number of defective products that reach retailers and consumers. Even small defects found at point-of-sale can result in returns and can erode brand loyalty, causing both short-term and long-term revenue impacts.

Many companies still rely on manual offline processes to collect quality audit results. Audit results are often keyed into Excel templates, with photos downloaded and attached after the fact. Completed results are often emailed and lag behind the actual audit by days. The process is time consuming and error prone. Summary analysis of the quality data is challenging, if even possible.

The Infor® Nexus Quality Assurance App was developed with customers and their field auditors. The app enables auditors to collect audit data as the inspection occurs, using the tablet’s camera to capture photos of defects as each item is inspected. Customers have reported that the QA App has helped cut audit times in half, with results available to all parties in real time. Key stakeholders are notified of emerging quality issues, giving them the opportunity to quickly respond to issues that might otherwise create a significant financial impact. The robust Nexus™ reporting engine and dashboards provide quality managers with the real-time data they need to manage to quality in the field.

The Nexus Quality Assurance App is fully configurable, and supports multiple audit types including in-line, ex-factory, and DC audits. Defect code lists and available AQL plans can be configured by audit type and product type. Auditors can capture defect data and take photos of defects as items are inspected. Measurement data can also be collected by product category.

Quality process audits


  • Drastically reduce audit times while improving accuracy
  • Notify key stakeholders about emerging quality problems in real time
  • Identify quality trends across the supply chain and analyze auditor performance using the Nexus reporting engine
  • Empower auditors to manage quality with dashboards and defect summaries sorted by manufacturing location
  • Reduce the amount of defective items that reach consumers, strengthening brand loyalty and improving revenue

(Image: Quality process audits - Process audits are time-based audits and evaluate a facilities compliance to expected quality standards.)

Lot-based audits

Key Features

  • Audit reports are created from Nexus orders to auto-populate key order attributes and inspection quantities
  • Optional quality manager workflow can alert field managers to emerging issues
  • App dashboards provide auditors with rolling defect rates and a summary of defects by severity level
  • Admin users can control configuration of report types, valid AQL tables (single sample & double sample), defects, and many other features per report type

(Image: Lot-based audits - Lot-based audits allow auditors to enters the lot size and the units selected for inspection.)

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