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Getting the most value from your software solution investments shouldn't be challenging – with CareFor Success and CareFor Managed Services, it's not.

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What is CareFor?

Sustainable Success, Delivered by Experts

Each business has a unique set of needs. Led by a team of software and industry-specific experts, CareFor provides the strategic guidance you need to maximize the value of Infor’s cloud-native solutions and unlock continuous innovation, at every step of your unique transformation journey.

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CareFor Success

Staying one step ahead is critical in building sustainable success. CareFor Success partners directly with you to provide the expertise, tools, and resources you need to optimize solutions, innovate for future growth, and realize long-term value.

CareFor Managed Services

Business transformation isn’t built in a day – it’s a journey. CareFor Managed Services provides ongoing support to reduce complexity and drive continual improvement in the cloud for faster, better business that lasts.

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CareFor unleashes your full potential

What if you could meet your business's ongoing needs with tailored solutions — and create time for your most valuable people to focus on real business priorities?

Increase readiness and mitigate risk

Supercharge agility with technical expertise that helps you proactively prepare for potential issues, navigate moments of change, and overcome challenges when they arise.

Maximize value realization

Accelerate time-to-value with Infor’s solutions and achieve a faster ROI through sustained collaboration with CareFor’s team of experts.

Unlock continuous innovation

Sustain a competitive edge with ongoing guidance, essential tools, and helpful resources to identify growth opportunities, embrace innovations, and future-proof your organization.

Sustainable Success

What does Infor mean by sustainable success?

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Success is an ongoing journey

Sustainable success is exactly what it sounds like — success that lasts longer than any single moment, go-live, or win. CareFor exists to help your team achieve sustainable success. 

To do this, CareFor ensures your team has the tools they need to innovate using Infor’s industry-specific cloud-based solutions, from specific skills to readiness plans. CareFor helps you use Infor’s solutions to adapt to ever-changing business needs, partnering with you at each and every step to drive your desired outcomes today, and proactively prepare for tomorrow.

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Driving Better Business with CareFor Success

A solution can only be powerful if it is efficiently and effectively used. CareFor Success provides you with the expertise, tools, and resources you need to accelerate time to value, minimize risk, increase innovation, and pave a path to sustainable success.

Strategic Guidance

Work with customer success teams with industry and product expertise who understand your business goals to create a path to sustainable success.

Value Advisory

Engage in success programs, assessments, and workshops to build readiness, accelerate innovation adoption, and maximize value from your Infor solution.

Enhanced Support

Gain access to prioritized case handling, accelerated response times, live triage for urgent issues, and special event coverage.

Sustaining Success with CareFor Managed Services

CareFor Managed Services scales sustainable success by reducing complexity and driving continual improvement in the cloud for faster, better business that lasts. Create time and space for your team to focus on your business priorities by leveraging our global team of experts with certified skills. 

Business application support

Functional and technical expertise and support for the way your business uses your Infor applications.

Release impact management

Cloud release update assessment and recommendations specific to your business’s Infor solution.

Automated testing services

Automated regression testing to identify impacts and validate your solution during change events.

Extension lifecycle management

Support for what makes your Infor solution unique and development resources to help meet future requirements.

Application administration

Application-level administration, maintenance, and pre- and post-cloud update and refresh activities.

Solution monitoring

24/7 monitoring and response for your most critical interfaces and application jobs.

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