Manufacturing operation management software supports multiple processes

MES/MOM software for real-time visibility and data-driven decisions
man working alongside robot Maintenance engineer using laptop


What are MES and MOM software?

Manufacturing operations management (MOM) refers to the management of the entire set of manufacturing operations (business processes) as described in the ISA-95 model. Manufacturing execution system (MES) refers specifically to the system that executes production and collects the manufacturing data for visibility and control.

A single and unbroken thread of critical data across all manufacturing operations

Infor® MES supports the entire manufacturing process. It integrates with ERP systems and meets the requirement of ISA-95 for MOM (Level 3 activities, such as plant-level operations), including:

  • Production management
  • Quality management
  • Inventory and logistics management and traceability
  • Maintenance operations and enterprise asset management

MES functionality

Enterprise-level: Infor’s MES/MOM solution offers the broadest range of functionality across all manufacturing operations.

Flexible solution: Comprising multiple components that can be implemented step-by-step, Infor’s MES/MOM solution provides a rich platform that can easily scale as your requirements increase.

Smart manufacturing

Infor’s MES/MOM solution improves communications and connects business processes across departmental boundaries, facilitating a more consistent and systematic approach to issues and exceptions.

Digitization of plant operations: Operates across all processes, machines, and equipment

Built-in data historian: Supports all process data, production events, and alarms recorded alongside other MES data

Data analytics: Enables correlation through enriched and more insightful data

Integration of the manufacturing supply chain: Infor MES provides an environment where MOM can communicate with other applications, upstream or downstream (for example, to trigger replenishment orders of parts or raw material)

Deployment options

Infor’s MES/MOM solution is a web application that’s easy to deploy, support, and maintain.

Mobility: Easy access for users from anywhere, across any browser, device, and platform (including Windows, iOS, and Android devices)

Digital transformation: The web-based architecture allows organizations to deploy the MOM platform on-premises, in a corporate data center, or in the cloud