Kevin Samuelson
Chief Executive Officer
Pam Murphy
Chief Operating Officer
Soma Somasundaram
President of Products and Chief Technology Officer
Jay Hopkins
Chief Financial Officer
Cormac Watters
General Manager, International
Rod Johnson
General Manager, Americas
Ashley Hart
Chief Marketing Officer
Susan Beal
Chief Customer Officer
Jeff Abbott
EVP and Chief Learning Officer
Stewart Applbaum
Americas Service Industries
Heather Preu
Global Solutions
Bill Sullivan
Öffentlicher Sektor
Helen Masters
Mayumi Hiramatsu
Cloud Operations
Ziad Nejmeldeen, PhD
Chief Scientist
Corey Tollefson
Anne Benedict
Human Resources
Gregory M. Giangiordano
General Counsel & Secretary
Martine Cadet
Education Alliance Program
Nunzio Esposito
Hook & Loop
Joerg Jung
Central & Eastern Europe