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Case Study

Famous auto maker Ferrari is using Infor LN and Infor ION to integrate business processes, such as order configuration, advanced planning and scheduling, assembly line scheduling and sequencing, and...

Case Study
Clage GMbH

Entdecken Sie, wie Clage, einer der führenden deutschen Hersteller von Warmwasserbereitern durch den Einsatz der ERP-Lösung Infor COM die Transparenz erhöht hat und Lagerbestände minimieren konnte.

Case Study
Kempinski Hotels SA

Kempinski Hotels empowers employees and drives strategy through better reporting with Infor d/EPM hosted in the cloud.

White Paper
Embracing the value of multigenerational services teams

This paper considers how a better understanding of generational differences can help drive better organizational performance.

White Paper
MPI’s Internet of Things: Cybersecurity

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows equipment and facilities to communicate in real time with corporate departments and headquarters – and with customers and suppliers. This rapid digitization raises...

White Paper
MPI’s Internet of Things Report: Challenges

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to dramatically change the future of commerce. As manufacturers leverage smart devices, they can move faster than ever in fixing problems and seizing opportunities....

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