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Infor Early Talent Program helps launch careers in Technology

January 6, 2021

Infor’s Early Talent Program helps recruit and onboard individuals new to the software industry, including recent graduates, veterans, and those changing careers or reentering the job market. The program helps train and prepare new talent by focusing on soft skills, like communication and time management, that will be of value throughout a person’s career.

Extensive onboarding programs also provide classroom training on Infor-specific solutions, preparing individuals to step into roles in consulting, presales, and sales. Planned career paths also offer early talent clear routes for advancement and expanding responsibilities, such as the route between Business Development Resources (BDR), Inside Sales, and Field Sales.

“In a fast-changing industry like technology, infusing the talent pool with new perspectives is essential. Fresh thinking helps the organization stay relevant and modern. Innovation depends on new ideas, and that’s just one of the reasons Infor is highly proactive in recruiting early talent,” says Gregory Mottley, Infor Early in Career Program Manager, Talent Acquisition. “We want to stay fully-staffed with flexible, well-prepared individuals able to keep up with the changing needs of customers,” he adds.

The Foundation Team provides a full-time, paid position and classroom training for a group of ten for one year. After completing the course, graduates are invited to apply for a position as a Business Development Resources (BDR) or solution consultant. Mentors are assigned to each person to help provide personal coaching and insights about product applications.

Alexia Munroe
, Associate Solution Consultant, took advantage of the program and says it was a tremendous help in preparing her for the job. Alexia had some prior experience working in the HR industry after college. Then she returned to school for her MBA. During the Foundation program she was assigned to the Human Capital Management team. “It’s not possible to know everything about the solution in a year, but the program definitely contributed to my success,” says Alexia. “It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it,” she adds.

Sergio Toxqui, Associate Solution Consultant, was also in the Foundation course and found the program helpful. Sergio is an example of someone who had work experience but decided to explore the technology industry. For 15 years he had worked in retail, directing operations for a mom-and-pop store with 6 locations. The Foundation’s program helped him learn how to work in a corporate environment, helped him gain confidence in presentation skills, and how to listen to customers to understand their pain points. “I have never felt more welcomed and more comfortable when joining a company than I did when I joined Infor,” he says. “The specific use cases we learned and depth of product knowledge has been very valuable,” he adds.

Shannon Thomas, Business Development Representative, had been working as a College Assistant at City University of New York when she decided she wanted to pivot into a career in technology. She participated in two Infor programs: #YesWeCode and Generation One, both initiatives focused on encouraging under-represented populations to pursue careers in technology. Infor’s early talent program partnered with these organizations in order to help build a diverse workforce. “The Gen One program opened my eyes, showed me sides of technology—beyond being a developer— I didn’t know existed,” says Shannon. She’s now on the BDR team and focusing on outbound target accounts for fashion and retail. “I learn something new every day—learning the “behind the curtain” details of how retail works and how software contributes to a company’s success,” she says.

Kimberly Stoddard, Senior Business Development Representative, is another Early Talent success story. “The impact on my career has been phenomenal. The Early Talent program helped me to prepare as well as succeed throughout my career here at Infor,” Kimberly says. Now, she strives to “give back” and help other recent hires get their footing. She is active in several business resource groups within Infor, including Black at Infor (BAI), Women Infor Network (WIN), and Infor Inclusion & Diversity. “I always encourage new hires to learn everything they can—and also help others to accomplish their career goals. Infor offers numerous career paths,” she says.

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