Jøtul Heats up its Future with Infor Cloud ERP

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Norway-May 11, 2022, 01:00 PM

Leading fireplace manufacturer deploying ‘a modern platform as an engine for digitization and innovation’

Jøtul fireplace
photo courtesy of Jøtul

OSLO, Norway – 11 May 2022 – Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced an agreement with Jøtul, one of the three largest suppliers of fireplaces in Europe. Globally, Jøtul supplies the markets through one of the most far-reaching global networks in the industry, consisting of its own sales companies and distributors. Together with Infor Consulting Services, Jøtul will upgrade its current ERP solution to Infor M3 CloudSuite, which is a standardized industrial manufacturing solution.

“This project provides us with an opportunity to gather more business-critical systems into a modern platform that will function as an engine for digitization and innovation, and for us to deliver more sustainable solutions,” says Kristoffer Rosseth Nebb, Jøtul Group’s IT manager. “Our current ERP solution holds us back, as too many resources have been spent on upgrading in-house developed solutions that no longer solve challenges for our company.”

“For us, the shift is about optimizing the digitization of the entire value chain from factory to store. We must improve collaboration and workflow across the group. Manual processes are replaced with digital tools, and we have points for improvement in automation, production planning and supply chain, while at the same time meeting our strict requirements for operational stability and safety,” Nebb concludes.

Jøtul fireplace
photo courtesy of Jøtul

“Jøtul has acknowledged that a great deal of the functionality the group needs today already exists in Infor's cloud solution. The industrial manufactruring-oriented solution is competitive with its low operating costs combined with access to the functionality that is at the forefront because production companies all over the world drive the industrial solution forward with new needs and requirements for relevant functionality, reliability and stability,” says Erlend Skaar-Olsen, Infor country manager for Norway.

Infor M3 CloudSuite, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), is updated monthly for customers and has a dedicated team to ensure strict requirements for IT security and uptime. In addition, Infor has a strong focus on automating and streamlining business processes using AI.

Jøtul fireplace
photo courtesy of Jøtul

“Transition to a common multi-tenant cloud-based ERP platform provides far greater business value for Jøtul than keeping the current system where, in addition to a more user-friendly interface with new and relevant functionality, we expect to recoup the investment in the form of better logistics, purchasing and productivity across the group,” Nebb says.

The solution is expected to be live in January 2023.

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About Jøtul

The company has a history dating back to 1853 and is one of Norway's oldest companies. Jøtul distributes freestanding stoves, inserts, frames and accessories for fireplaces. It is one of the three largest suppliers of fireplaces in Europe and a significant player in North America. Production takes place through its own manufacturing facilities in Norway, Poland, France and the USA. The group's main brands are Jøtul, Scan and Ravelli. More information: www.jotul.no/

Man adding firewood to Jøtul fireplace
photo courtesy of Jøtul

For more information contact:

• Kristoffer Rosseth Nebb, IT manager Jøtul Gruppen, mobile: 982 29 634
email: kristoffer.nebb@jotul.no

• Erlend Skaar-Olsen, country manager Infor Norge, mobile: 930 39 800
email: erlend.skaar-olsen@infor.com

Jøtul factory
photo courtesy of Jøtul

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