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Infor Pathway is designed for local government and built to underpin 70% of a council’s income

Designed to support open and transparent service delivery, Pathway simplifies the challenges presented by doing business with local government. The solution is designed to helps councils remain compliant with legislative obligations, provide excellent services to their customer, and generate income so they can make greater contributions to their communities. 


  • Cloud first
  • Named users
  • Digitised services for citizens
  • Accurate and easy reporting
  • Real-time decision-making
  • Compliance with policy requirements
  • Mobile empowered staff
  • Local support and services from Infor

Driving value for customers across a wide range of council service areas

Local Pathway teams have 15+ years of experience delivering on-the-ground support

Pathway teams provide hands-on support for technologies that facilitate end-to-end council processes.

Local Pathway teams facilitate fast and state of the art implementation, secure data migration from other legacy solutions, and seamless integration to third party ecosystem solutions.

A solution that aligns with your business processes

  • Customer Services
  • Land & Property Services
  • Rates & Revenue Services
  • Water & Waste Services
  • Planning & Building Services
  • Environmental Health & Protection Services
  • Animal Services
  • Council Facilities Booking & Leasing Services

70 local authority customers trust and rely on Infor Pathway every day

Manage all local government services end-to-end, improve service levels, and optimise staff productivity

Generate maximum income

Our solutions are designed for bulk and batch processing. Executives and Managers can track revenue for specific service areas. Pathway makes it easy to identify bottlenecks and then make quick adjustments in order to meet statutory and non-statutory KPIs.

Improve productivity

Pathway is the most reliable business processing engine available to local councils. With built-in workflows and approval processes, your staff can achieve greater service delivery efficiencies. 

Self-Service channels for your customers

With Pathway interoperability, you can easily open up your service delivery to new online channels, and rest assured that customer information submitted online is processed safely and securely. 

Consumer-grade technologies that will kick your digital transformation into gear

Thanks to Pathway Cloud’s innovative technology, your staff will be able to work on any device at any time using the HTML5 interface.

Launch quickly and future-proof service delivery

Data migration is simple and secure throughout the implementation process. Following implementation, you can maximise your investment by providing non-technical staff the ability to manage their own service delivery channels with built-in capabilities.

Get a 360° view of each customer from a single source

The customer is at the core of every service delivery channel. Our technology enables staff to access single sources of data so they can better serve your customers and stakeholders.

Empower your customers with self-service options

Engage members of your community through seamless and easy-to-use self-service experiences. Offer access to high-quality services across all devices, from anywhere. 
Self-service channels are an extension of the back office and designed for real-time service delivery and interaction. Customers can easily: 

  • Manage account details
  • View account balances as well as invoices and other correspondence
  • Make payments online
  • Submit and track applications, licences, permits, requests, registrations, and council facilities bookings
  • Manage payment options such as Direct Debit and Arrangements to Pay

A single interface for council staff

A unique set of applications within the council workspace keeps the council’s mobilised workforce connected to real-time data so they can interact in the field and access important workflows when they’re on the go. 

The council workspace includes a range of core modules and is enabled by workflow, correspondence management, inspections and spatial integration. The core modules include:   

  • Customer Management
  • Request Management
  • Property Administration
  • Rates Accounting & Valuations
  • Water Billing
  • Debtors, Receipting & Refunds
  • Applications, Permits & Licences
  • Infringements
  • Electoral Roll (VIC, SA & WA)
  • Trade Waste
  • Registers

A platform for your digital transformation

Infor’s Operating Services technologies - which no other property or rating solution vendor provides - open any number of possibilities for digital transformation and innovation. This comprehensive approach offers interoperability with both Infor and non-Infor products within a federated security environment.

  • Homepages for the council workspace tailored to each business unit
  • Single sign-on and enhanced role-based security
  • Intelligent Open Network (ION) technology to integrate with third-party systems and portals
  • A range of standard connectors for local government use cases
  • Workflow visualisation for managing data flows across multiple systems
  • Infor Data Lake functionality for all connected applications– Infor and non-Infor
  • All solutions are deployed on the Infor Cloud hosted by Amazon Web Services, providing you with high availability, rapid scalability, performance management, and disaster recovery

Unlock your data’s true potential

Store raw data from across your enterprise in the Infor Data Lake, which processes data from disparate sources such as applications, people, and IoT devices, and translates it into insights and actionable analytics available at your fingertips.

  • Data selections from results can be further refined with user configurable insights, along with the option to store for future use
  • Council business analysts can unlock powerful data insights and enable users to further refine those insights for each service area

A trusted, long-term strategic technology partner with local experts driven to help you support your communities

$17+ BN
income generated each year by councils using Pathway
council staff use Infor Pathway daily
3.5 M
Users access Pathway self-service technologies on a daily basis

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