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Your organization's Behavioral DNA®

Finding the right people to hire, retain, and develop is not always clear, consistent, or fair. Confidently put the right talent in the right roles with Infor Talent Science, a patented, cloud-based predictive talent analytics and talent assessment tools. We help organizations intelligently and insightfully identify, recruit, and develop talent so they can improve performance by increasing productivity and lowering turnoverall from a single talent assessment tool.
Infor Talent Science software top benefits

Uniqueness in the market

There are many different types of talent software to choose from, what makes Talent Science so unique?

Talent Science’s patented approach to predicting job success gives companies the ability to build customized selection benchmarks across the entire spectrum of talent, not just top performers. This highlights key behavioral differentiations between top performers and low-performers, to provide a more accurate talent assessment tool both inside and outside of your organization.

The best part is that your dedicated account team, which includes a Ph.D. I/O Psychologist and Customer Success Manager, will guide you through the duration of your partnership. They will recommend timing for benchmark revisions, additional validation, and analyses. This dedicated team support is included in your license.

Delivering value for customers across industries

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Challenges we solve to unlock your full talent potential

Reduce costly turnover

Improve retention and reduce turnover that happens as a results of poor person-job fit

Improve performance

Hire candidates who will drive the right behaviors for your KPIs, wther those be sales, customer satisfaction, or productivity

Faster time to fill

Quickly and efficiently prioritize best-fit candidates through automation in an objective and predictive way

Increase fairness

Ensuring objectivity and consistency in talent decision so future start performers are not overlooked

Leverage current talent

Identify potential and skillset early; use talent mobility analytics to objectively define career paths and bench strength, and team dynamics to improve productivity

Cultural transformation

Re-align workforces for the future and develop future-focused talent profiles as business strategies become more agile

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Talent assessment tool experience

Today, hard skills and experience are just the cost of entry. True business value is created by identifying an individual’s Behavioral DNA®. A good assessment experience will help mangers get the full cognitive and cultural analysis to find the best fit.

  • 94% positive experience for candidate and employees
  • 93% of users said assessment was easy to complete
  • 95% assessment completion rate after starting
  • Highly configurable, branded experience
  • Assessment available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Personalized Career Dashboard available to anyone after they complete the assessment
Talent Playbook

Talent Playbook

Companies whose supervisors coach their employees have consistently been shown to enjoy more engaged, motivated, loyal, and productive workforces than their industry peers. But many organizations lack the necessary behavioral insights, resources, and supervisor experience to coach effectively. Talent Playbook helps companies overcome these challenges.

  • Give supervisors direct access to individualized coaching materials for their employees
  • Provide content developed by Behavioral Scientists that helps supervisors learn to be better coaches
  • Empower employees and supervisors to learn about themselves and their unique behaviors, and how to perform better in their current role – or to transition into a desired one, through behavioral upskilling
  • Embed the experience into your current employee or HR portals for seamless access to resources
Talent assessment tool dashboard

Integration flexibility

Talent Science is designed to connect to the business world, with connectors to existing applications, both Infor and non-Infor.

  • Configurable integrations available with all the top applicant tracking systems
  • Inline assessment handoff and handback, for seamless candidate experience
  • Direct link to detailed candidate results shared via ATS to specified users
  • Net-new ATS integrations available as needed
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Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics can help leaders face the many challenges that can divert teams from their focus and productivity, and gain a deeper understanding of how team interactions can be optimized to deliver successful projects.

  • Use team assessments to break through the barriers of effective team communication and collaboration
  • Optimize team performance with effective communication and collaboration
  • Gain in-depth analysis of the behavioral characteristics driving teams
  • Develop strategies to promote team productivity and collaboration
  • Empower leaders and plan for success using data-driven insights into team functions and team interactions
  • Better integrate established and newly forming work groups
Leadership Aptitude Reports

Leadership Aptitude Reports

Identify people with the right aptitudes for your unique management and senior-level positions while vastly improving the ability to understand and enhance their potential leadership qualities. 

  • Maximize untapped talent within your current employee population 
  • Better prepare pre-hire dialogue to identify strengths and opportunities
  • Heighten leadership development 
  • Improve communication and team performance 
  • Reduce expensive leadership turnover

Proven predictive insights for your workforce

Since 2001, hundreds of millions of job candidates and employees have completed the Infor Talent Science assessment. As the pioneer of merging scientifically-sound talent assessment tools with big data technology, we have the experience and expertise to help clients meet their business objectives. Here are just some of our key differentiating statistics:

of U.S. working population is in our database
increase in diversity hires for analysis of 50K+ people
assessment reports generated annually

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