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Food Services, Social Distancing, and How Table Reservations Solutions Can Help

June 10, 2020

Reservation management solutions serve to create efficient use of space, wait times, and efficient traffic flow under the most ideal conditions. Now in the age of social distancing when conditions are not ideal, and when many food services organizations are starting up again at colleges and universities and other public and private spaces, managing line-ups and traffic in a variety of concepts takes on new importance.

So, how do advanced table and dining management solutions make this more efficient to serve the standard challenges foodservice operations face as well as the new ones presented by social distancing requirements? Here are some selected benefits that these kinds of solutions can unlock for food services organizations.

Guide how to manage traffic flow and space management in a concept

The right reservations and table management solution helps to align its capacity for booking along with prescribed social distancing limitations. That allows staff to more effectively manage how many guests can be in one space at any given time on a viewable schedule as to who is being served and who is about to be served.

SMS texting functionality allows teams to better communicate with guests who are waiting outside of a space, so that they are alerted to when it’s their turn to enter. A visually-based floor map of a concept helps to put all this into a user-friendly context, so that it’s easier for staff to concentrate on serving guests and property maintenance without being preoccupied about social distancing demands. When a reservations management solution is implemented, the system does that for them.

Redefine where service can be staged

Social distancing requirements have called for food services organizations and other food and beverage operations in other sectors to rethink their spaces as a whole. This often means that spaces that aren’t normally associated with delivering these kinds of services – like a college gym, or an outdoor space for instance – need to be adapted to that purpose. With the right technology that exercise is much more easily achieved.

Leading reservations solutions for food services will allow for floor mapping of any given space, including those that are not normally used as the site for delivering that kind of service. This lends a great deal of operational flexibility to implement as needed when spaces like this need to be adapted for food services and helps to provide a more relaxed environment for guests, too.

Organize reservations according to governmental guidelines

Reservations management solutions should enable food services operations to more easily align with official guidelines. During a time when college and university spaces and other sectors are beginning to open up, this is essential. What’s needed is a strict level of precision which is difficult if not impossible to achieve on the fly.

Guidelines of this sort will vary from region to region. With those varied restrictions and maximum attendance numbers in place, a reservations management solution should allow organizations to adhere to those governmental policies restrictions in each concept automatically. Once again, the software does the heavy lifting, and staff can concentrate on what they do best – make guests feel comfortable and to create the best possible experience during their time in each location.

Achieving precision and flexibility in all conditions

The right reservations management solution allows food services operations to manage wait times, bookings, and overall best use of a space in all conditions. In spaces like college and university foodservice concepts, and in other spaces where social distancing is a mandate, having that kind of specialized functionality to hand is paramount to success.

To find out more about what an advanced table and reservations management can do for food services organizations and other spaces, you can do that right here.

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