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Unify and streamline operations. Serve up superior experiences. Gain traction in a new era.
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A restaurant management system to engage with a new era

Infor’s integrated restaurant management system software helps a range of organizations—QSRs, casual dining, managed food services, and others—to build dynamic channels to serve evolving guest expectations in an emerging era.

Infor is committed to helping businesses streamline operations, maximize profitability, deliver great experiences, and create competitive momentum, now and in the future.

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An adaptive and inclusive restaurant technology platform

Infor’s integrated restaurant management system enhances the guest experience, empowers talented staff, and makes the most of resources for greater profitability.

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Establishing an integrated and scalable restaurant and managed food services platform

Build the competitive momentum essential to success on a single, scalable, adaptive platform.

  • Create an operational ecosystem for greater insight, efficiency, and agility—data-driven strategies, faster rollouts
  • Better manage corporate and franchisee-owned QSRs for smoother, faster, and more accurate processes for all
  • Include dynamic table reservations and full spectrum special events planning capabilities
  • Support efficient and scalable managed food services in a wide range of contexts and concepts
  • Simplify item management in a more centralized and adaptive way
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Serving up a next-level guest experience to meet and exceed expectations

Adapt more easily to changing expectations of a great guest experience.

  • Increase order speed and accuracy via a more flexible and versatile restaurant point of sale solution
  • Enable convenient self-service with user-friendly kiosks to empower guests to take control of their in-location ordering experience
  • Incorporate functionality in an inclusive integrations ecosystem with leading meal plan providers, loyalty, rewards, and more
  • Enable mobile-based ordering and QR code menu access for easy contactless and remote ordering and delivery
  • Support a wider, more convenient range of payment options easily and securely, including mobile
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Empowering staff with the right tools in every location

Give staff the technology they need to do their best work every day.

  • Connect all aspects of guest orders from the time they’re made, from the kitchen, to fulfilment, to back office—all connected via API integration in the cloud
  • Provide reservations processes that prompt tasks to better manage all guest traffic
  • Supplement service staff efforts with intuitive, user-friendly point-of-sale and integrated KDS to increase speed and reduce errors
  • Put the power of restaurant POS in service staff hands with tablet-based hardware to serve guests tableside, bar, patio, and more
  • Create better workflows for private events with an end-to-end process from inquiry to invoice that make it easy to deliver great experiences
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Creating an advanced menu management process for all locations

Manage your menus across multiple locations and concepts simultaneously.

  • Bring menu management all under one roof in the cloud to support a uniform, streamlined, and profitable offering
  • Create and easily administer a master item list with SKU requisition and approval to manage and monitor items under different names in various concepts
  • Ensure consistent item selection, pricing, combo, and daypart requirements, and other essential details
  • Implement simultaneous configuration to standardize all POS terminals
  • Manage multiple barcode SKUs per item
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Securing a safe environment for business and guest data

Preserve integrity and trust for every transaction with a compliant platform.

  • Support of EMV chip technology and mobile payments to reduce the need for staff to manage cards out of sight from guests
  • Guarantee PCI PA-DSS compliance combined with regular cloud security monitoring and updates via SaaS
  • Invest in POS that never holds consumer data, integrated with leading payment systems
  • Ensure that every transaction is processed via point-to-point encryption (P2Pe)
  • Establish a secure environment to support mobile payments and contactless credit card and debit transactions
Infor POS allows us to ask questions about our business that we weren't able to ask before because we didn't have the data visibility we needed. Now we do. It's allowed us to understand our capacity for growth and what the future really looks like for our business.
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Restaurant and food services cloud software

Restaurant Point of Sale

Infor Point of Sale (POS) for restaurants and managed food services operations is applicable across the industry spectrum. The solution includes options for terminals, tablets, self-serve kiosks, and also in-solution mobile-ordering, QR code-based functionality, and KDS. Infor POS enables organizations to globally manage menu items, consolidate selling strategies, and establish location-wide controls to maximize profit potential across properties and concepts. Infor POS is designed for easy API-based integrations with third-party ordering, loyalty programs, meal plan applications, and more.

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