Top 10 benefits of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

An essential building-block of smart manufacturing and digital transformation.
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Examine the benefits of Manufacturing Execution Systems

Today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment demands complete, real-time, accurate, and accessible data from the shop floor. However, many manufacturing organizations still use shop floor systems that do not meet this requirement. These include departmental applications that don’t communicate with each other, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) covering some shop floor functionality, operators spending precious time manually collating data, and even a lot of spreadsheets.

At its core, a manufacturing execution system (MES) is a specialized type of software solution that focuses on managing and monitoring manufacturing operations in which raw materials are transformed into semi-finished and/or finished goods.

Infor MES empowers the machines with intelligence, so they know what they have to do.”

MES delivers many benefits to the modern manufacturing organization. Below are our top 10 benefits that will help your manufacturing operations get to the next level:

The roll-out of the new ERP provided an opportunity for Formica Europe to find and adopt a single standard system to manage production, i.e., to get a manufacturing execution system (MES).”

Core functions of an MES

  • Integrates production equipment with business systems (such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions) and production lifecycle management.
  • Provides integrated analytics and dashboards for monitoring and reporting of plant performance.
  • Dispatches work orders and their specifications from the ERP system to production.
  • Supports the execution of production orders from order release to finished goods.
  • Enforces process steps to ensure manufactured goods conform to the plan and meet quality requirements.
  • Collects data automatically from equipment or through manual input to drive operations, demonstrate compliance, measure efficiency, etc.
  • Provides a data store to hold historical data.
  • Embeds quality management processes and implements the quality control plan.
  • Enables traceability and genealogy of parts, raw materials, labor, and equipment to manage warranty services and product recall.

Driving greater efficiency and quality in manufacturing with Infor MES

Infor MES can digitalize all manufacturing operations across production, quality, inventory/logistics and maintenance. The solution provides effective monitoring and synchronization throughout the factory helping you achieve higher productivity and responsiveness to market demand.


Top 8 benefits of a manufacturing execution system MES Executive Brief English

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[Infor MES] has revolutionized our ability to monitor and improve our equipment and processes, enabling weaknesses to be identified quickly and corrective actions to be undertaken.”
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Infor's Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

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