Infor Birst OEM and embedded analytics

Creating cutting-edge analytical products via a comprehensive business intelligence platform
Infor Birst

Modern embedded analytics and business intelligence

Give your customers smart, self-service ready, branded, and secure analytics applications with flexible deployment options that scale with your business. The Infor Birst® OEM and embedded analytics platform, with patented machine learning technology, helps you create new analytic applications to monetise data faster than ever before.



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Key capabilities

Networked BI

Scale out customised analytics through multi-tenant architecture

Automated data refinement

Accelerate time to value using patented AI-powered data integration

Modern BI and analytics platform

Give IT control and provide end-user self service all in one platform

Deliver data as a service (DaaS)

Make full use of enterprise data and support internal and external use cases

Value-based design methodology

Utilise a best practices methodology for designing effective, outcome-based analytic views

Partner for success

Leverage flexible licencing and Infor’s years of experience with BI white labelled integration

Delivering value for customers across industries

Birst Screen

Modern data architecture

Underpinning Birst’s modern native cloud BI platform is Infor's modern data architecture. Focused on supporting any user to take their analysis in any direction, this flexible and business-centric approach to managing data is secure, scalable, and adaptable to changing business needs, while AI-powered automation reduces many manual tasks.

  • Easily connect live data or extract data from any source
  • Unify data from multiple source systems including big data
  • Utilise patented automated building of business-ready data store
  • Enable customers to blend their data with yours
  • Leverage an integrated data lake and API gateway
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Automated data refinement

Eliminate the need for teams of developers and data specialists to perform time-intensive and error-prone ETL and accelerate time to value using patented AI-powered data integration.

  • Automate the complex process of building enterprise-scale dimensional data models and data warehouses
  • Unify data from multiple sources creating standardised dimensional models
  • Aggregate data at various levels for faster response
  • Enable advanced data warehousing capabilities like slowly changing dimensions, custom time hierarchies and snapshotting with a single click

Embedded analytics and BI platform

A complete, end-to-end analytics platform that simplifies the analytic application development process with data integration and warehousing, pixel-perfect reporting, interactive dashboards, data discovery and visualisation, self-service data prep, mobile access, and machine learning integration.

  • Experience zero application development for mobile applications
  • Integrate with existing IT landscape through data source connectivity and front-end open client interface
  • Enjoy a modern, browser-based UI for centralised and decentralised users
  • Utilise a common, reusable, and customisable enterprise semantic layer
  • Easily search and browse data and business terms (metadata) across all enterprise analytic content

Configure data as a service (DaaS)

Make full use of all enterprise data to support internal and external use cases and maintain the right balance of IT governance and end-user self-service.

  • Gain complete visibility into governed data objects and data pipelines
  • Experience fine-grained security at the row and column level
  • Easily blend governed data with customer data
  • Support users through guided self service to data objects and semantic definitions that can take analysis in any direction

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