Employee contact tracing with Infor Workforce Management

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August 13, 2020

Business challenge
If an employee reports they may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, how can you find out who the employee may have come in contact with while on shift during that period of time?

How can Infor WFM Help?
In version 6.2, Infor WFM introduced a feature called “Timesheet Detail Filters”. These filters can be configured to check for specific values on timesheets and only return those timesheets (and employees) that meet the search criteria. In this case, a detail filter can be used to filter by work location.

How it works
Timesheet Detail Filters work in conjunction with the other timesheet filters to limit the records displayed on a timesheet or the supervisor approval worksheet. For example, an organization has a “CASHIER” team, to which dozens of employees are assigned either on permanent or temporary basis. An employee, a full-time member of the team, calls in one day and says he may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Simply getting a list of everyone assigned to the cashier team won’t help to determine who worked on that team during a given period – but if you define a Timesheet Detail Filter to look for those employees who actually worked on the Cashier team, then you’ll be able to figure out which of your employees may have been in contact with that employee and need to be informed and tested. 

Detailed configuration
1. Login as an administrator
2. Turn on configuration mode
3. Navigate to the Supervisor Approval Worksheet and/or the Daily Timesheet (the instructions that follow will cover both pages)
4. Find the security element named SAW_TDF_FIELDS (Supervisor Approval Worksheet) or DTS_TF_FIELDS (Daily Timesheet) and grant “Act” permission to the security groups that will be using your new filter once it’s created.

5. Click the ‘Localize’ control for your first available detail filter control. We’ll assume you aren’t using detail filters yet, so in our case that means TDF_FIELD1
6. Change the control type from HiddenUI to DBLookupUI
7. Configure the control as follows:

Copy the following text into the Field Parameters box:

multiChoice=true sourceType=REGISTERED source='SEC_WORKBRAIN_TEAM' sourceParams='ignoreCols==WBROLE_ID, WBUT_START_DATE, WBUT_END_DATE' sourceDisplayFields='WBT_LOC_NAME' all=true labelFieldStatus=edit title='LOOKUP_TEAM'

8. Save your Changes
9. Navigate to the Timesheet Detail Filter Mapping page (by default you can find this under Maintenance > Payroll Settings > Advance Payroll Settings>Timesheet Detail Filter Mapping)
10. Click New Entry
11. Map the field you just created with the work detail team field:

Make you sure you clear the system cache so your users can see the newly configured field, and that’s it – you’re done! 

For more examples on how to configure Detail Filters in Infor WFM, please consult the Implementation and Administration Guide. If you need a copy, it can be found on https://concierge.infor.com.

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