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November 5, 2021By Malin Petersson

“How have your first 4 months at Infor been?” a colleague recently asked me. This question immediately brought a smile to my face. There is a lot to do, every day I am full of energy. Especially because there are many opportunities to help customers with their Business Transformation Journey. In our field, it is not only about the transformation to the Cloud, but also about things such as simplification, standardization and improved business outcomes.

The belief in wanting to be 'different'

“Don't talk about products, the customer just wants to be understood. Completely empathize, do your homework and really help the customer forward.” That is the philosophy I believe in and which is also given ample space at Infor. Conversations no longer start from technology, as happened more often in the past.

Wanting to be 'different' means that we take plenty of time to really understand customer goals, end-to-end processes and challenges. This has the great advantage that we also align across the different teams more often to solve customer questions together. That's our powerful formula. As far as Im concerned, success at its best is about building dream teams and bringing the right people together, so that silos no longer exist. Really different at Infor is also the active management involvement with our customers to add functionalities to our industry specific ERP solutions. We even have a lab for it, in which we develop, test and continuously improve.

Infor is a company of doing things together

If colleagues in the Nordics have specific customer knowledge, they can also be deployed in the Benelux. Doing things together means that there are no national borders for us. As a result, we form a strong international team. But there is more that I am proud of. It is about the willingness of colleagues to do explorations at the customer at an early stage. We all have a different role to play and we bring different expertise and experience to the table. For me, the day is therefore a success when I have the feeling that every colleague has worked for the customer.

The opportunity for customers

Earlier I talked about simplification, standardization and improved business outcomes. If you look back to the past, you often realize that everything is tied together in on-premise environments. Over the years, a 'spaghetti knit' of complexities emerged. You probably have a picture of it. The opportunity for the future, which many organizations have, is aimed at simplification and standardization. The multi-tenant cloud environments, that we develop, test and set up for specific industries, are designed to limit organizations to what they need. The Cloud largely enforces this desired standardization. By making your business processes simpler - and our Industry focused ERP will enable that - our customers have more time and money to spend on the areas that really matter for them, areas of differentiation. Areas of innovation.

"All customers are currently engaged in digital transformation. The pandemic has made that even more important. I don't know a single customer who is not busy doing something, simplifying or creating added value via digital platforms. We can achieve simplification and be a partner in this digital transformation."

Finally about focus

Infor deliberately focuses on predefined industries, which may differ from country to country. In the Benelux, for example, we focus on distribution, food & beverage customers, the manufacturing industry, and healthcare. This focus is paying off. Recently, for example, Amsterdam UMC, after a tender, chose Infor Cloudsuite Healthcare as its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment. Specifically designed for healthcare organizations, Infor Cloudsuite Healthcare allows it to better integrate healthcare facility back-office processes with their clinical operations.

It's okay to be a little proud, right?

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