What is process manufacturing?


The difference between process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing

The main difference between process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing is that process manufacturing produces a mix of ingredients that cannot be distinguished from each other, whereas discrete manufacturing produces distinct objects.

Types of process manufacturing

There are two main types of process manufacturing: batch or continuous. Batch processing involves production based on a predetermined standard of size or length. Continuous processing is based on production runs that go for certain time periods with dynamic output volumes.

Industries that use process manufacturing

Any industry that produces large or bulk quantities of goods and products would rely on process manufacturing. A few examples of industries that use process manufacturing would include chemical suppliers, food and beverage, bulk nutrition and pharmaceuticals.

ERP software for process manufacturing

In choosing ERP software for process manufacturing, the end goal should be an ERP solution that’s designed specifically to handle formula or recipe processing, automate calculations, and have integrated product development tools.

Process manufacturing capabilities

Our comprehensive software solutions deliver comprehensive functionality for process manufacturers looking to improve productivity and oversight across the entire pipeline while also delivering better results for customers.

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