Supply Chain Management

Igniting the world’s most complex supply chains
Improve your visibility across the supply chain

End-to-end supply chain solutions for a single version of the truth

Infor® Supply Chain Management solutions deliver intelligent, real-time supply chain orchestration by digitalizing end-to-end supply chain processes, allowing companies to gain real time visibility that empowers data-driven decisions and optimal delivery to customers on time.

Fueling modern supply chain excellence

Optimize costs

  • 25% reduction in supply chain costs
  • 40% reduction in wastage costs
  • >10% transportation cost savings


Drive actionable insights

  • Achieve a single version of the truth
  • $1T in trade managed on the Nexus platform
  • $50B global payments processed on the Nexus network
  • 30% decrease in lost time due to changeovers

Build agility and resilience

  • 22% decrease in working capital
  • 98% reduction in invoice process time
  • Reduce transportation lead times by 2 days

Improve visibility and traceability

  • 20% reduction in lead times
  • 3–8% increase in on-time and accurate order shipment
  • 15% reduction of in-transit inventory

Drive productivity and efficiency

  • 8–15% increase in team productivity
  • 8–12% reduction in warehouse operational expenses
  • 4X growth without adding resources in accounts payable

Delivering value in the cloud

Infor Supply Chain Management solutions live on the cloud to help you decrease total cost of ownership, enable scalability, and improve security and uptime. Continuous innovations and updates mean no upgrades are ever needed again.
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Comprehensive expertise

Delivering supply chain software for enterprise productivity


Visibility & Control

A connected supply chain operating with a single view of orders, shipments, and inventory and shared digital processes provides the visibility needed to improve velocity and the agility to respond to disruptions in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Continuously match real-time supply and demand signals
  • Predictive alerting to real or potential disruptions and opportunities
  • Intelligent, in-context decision support
  • Real-time collaboration with suppliers on capacity, forecasts, and orders

Global Trade & Finance

Infor Global Trade & Finance is a catalyst for growth, cost savings, and improved supplier relationships. The comprehensive tools to automate processes, efficiently manage liquidity, and improve cashflow visibility, allowing for protection for suppliers promoting a healthy supply chain.

  • Automate invoice processing and approval
  • Improve working capital with innovative finance programs
  • Automate chargebacks and claims processes
  • Trading company and buy-sell model automation
  • Improve supplier relationships and performance with payment certainty

Planning & Demand Management

Infor Planning & Demand Management solutions balance supply and demand to optimize inventory, service, and performance across the supply chain. Businesses can tap into solutions for demand planning and demand management, supply planning, production planning and scheduling, inventory optimization, and sales & operations planning (S&OP).

  • Collaborative forecasting with sales, finance, production, customers, and trade partners
  • Modeling of business cycles and demand spikes
  • Optimize key supply chain variables such as capacity, material, inventory, and distribution constraints
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics for retail and fashion logistics
  • End-to-end support for assortment, planning, pricing, supply chain, and custom processes

Warehousing & Transportation

From local warehouse management to international transportation planning and execution, Infor warehouse and freight management solutions help ensure that supply chain speed, accuracy, and costs are aligned to meet customer needs and market demand. Organizations can realize the lower operating costs and increased agility that come from optimizing inbound supply, outbound fulfillment, customer experience, inventory management, and improvement in overall supply chain performance.

  • Streamline appointment scheduling, directed put-away, returns, cross-docking, and flow-through
  • Optimize fulfillment in multisite and multi-owner operations
  • Labor, 3PL billing, yard visibility, and 3D warehouse visualization
  • Monitor and manage import/export cargo movement
  • Gain needed visibility to international shipments

Product Lifecycle

Infor’s product lifecycle management (PLM) software leverages data across a manufacturer’s enterprise to foster better decision making, from development and design to management and production. Infor’s PLM solutions go beyond accelerating time to market, integrating with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to provide real-time, actionable data and help optimize every step of the product lifecycle.

  • PLM for Process seamlessly integrates to ERP, CRM, and LIMS business systems
  • PLM for Fashion handles product planning, design, and supplier collaboration
  • PLM Discrete seamlessly integrates with ERP and CAD systems

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