ERP software with meat, poultry, and fish capabilities built in

Make cost-effective decisions about how you offer quality food—before the first cut is made
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Make each cut the best cut with meat, poultry, and fish ERP

Today’s consumers care about sustainability, food safety and provenance. To meet these demands, you must process meat, poultry, and fish in a manner that is ethical, humane, sustainable, and efficient. Infor provides the most powerful, purpose-built, and complete suite of solutions developed specifically for protein manufacturers to do just that.
The ERP system now gives us tight control of data, materials and financials through our complex value chain. We have about 150 suppliers from three categories of farms that give us either eggs, hatching hens or broilers. The business system covers both hatchery and slaughterhouse, purchase and sale of eggs and chicken. Now we have full control over and can document the product from farm to fork.
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New market demands require new thinking, new processes, new software

With CloudSuite Food & Beverage, Infor’s cloud-based ERP for meat, poultry, and fish providers, you can improve efficiency and responsiveness by addressing unique variables and industry requirements, including shelf life, aging, catch weight, regulatory compliance, and lot tracking. CloudSuite Food & Beverage provides the capabilities you need to manage all the challenges your protein business faces as an industry cloud service. Here’s how Infor can help you achieve a competitive advantage for your business.
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Boost yield and quality

With Infor’s solution for meat, poultry, and fish manufacturers you can manage all your capacity and supply chain constraints, including equipment capacity, workforce availability, shelf-life limitations, contamination risks, and managing multiple plants, cold stores and distribution centers. Features include:

  • Protein capabilities built-in enabling efficient operations, maximum yield and reduced waste 
  • Advanced production scheduling for optimal use of equipment and workforce
  • Variable characteristics of livestock and products in planning, specification matching and execution for flexibility and compliance
  • Catch weight of meat in operations and finance for accurate billing and costing
  • MES integration for slaughtering, boning and processing
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Ensure food safety and compliance

With CloudSuite Food & Beverage, you can reduce the risk of product contamination and meet quality and compliance mandates, including label production. Thanks to alerting and rapid escalation technologies for early and quick detection of problems you can perform lot and sub-lot track and trace throughout your supply chain for quick recall identification. Features include:

  • Graphical track and trace with origin, variable lot and quality information for better informed, more targeted and faster recalls
  • Integrated and digitized quality management for pro-active food safety and compliance
  • Regulatory compliance to safety standards, packaging, and label requirements
  • Data-driven monitors and embedded AI for preventing non-compliance and food safety issues
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Optimize the supply chain and operations

Infor’s advanced demand planning capabilities with machine learning help predict demand with more certainty using daily and seasonal forecasting, replenishment planning, inventory optimization, and promotional planning. Sales & Operations Planning takes this further by optimizing production, inventory and service levels against the lowest cost. Research shows that most companies can meet customer service level agreements with 10% less finished goods inventory by using inventory optimization strategies. Features include:

  • Forecasting with machine learning to accurately predict demand
  • Supply chain planning that balances supply, capacity and demand—maximizing service levels against lowest cost
  • Shelf-life, expire and aging management minimizing waste
  • Grower contracts and settlements for farmer payments based on received qualities
  • Sales & operations planning and execution in one platform for seamless collaboration
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Accelerate product innovation

Infor’s industry cloud solution for meat, poultry, and fish companies provides best-in-class Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), so you can develop new or revised products quickly and collaboratively, reduce the costs for new product introductions, and decrease product time to market by 50% or more. You’ll also get tools to generate label contents with claims that are compliant with regulator and customer mandates. Features include:

  • Stage gate process for qualification of product innovation ideas
  • Project management with work breakdown and schedules for clear responsibilities and throughput
  • Cross-functional product lifecycle management supports bringing products to market faster and with accurate labels
  • Formulations considering nutritional values, allergens, cost and ecological footprint
  • Traceability and attribute inheritance for provenance information
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Control costs and drive profitability

You cannot meet the unique needs of the protein industry unless you have the best software tools on the market today, tools that are flexible and grow with you as your business grows. With CloudSuite Food & Beverage you get a true native industry cloud solution that is receiving new capabilities continuously, so that you always have a current solution with the latest innovations without having to do major upgrade projects anymore. As a result, you can quickly adapt business processes to the rapid changes of the current protein industry. Features include:

  • Multi country/site/channel platform for growth
  • Trade agreements for managing complex prices, discounts and rebates and having insight in margins
  • Machine learning for product and price recommendations to increase sales and margins
  • Artificial intelligence to check for anomalies and to automate order processing

Food industry software products

ERP for food and beverage

Infor CloudSuite™ Food & Beverage has built-in industry and sub-segment specific capabilities are at its core. The solution provides an exceptional user experience and powerful analytics in a multicompany, multicountry, and multisite platform. It’s a digital platform that enables food processors to innovate by adopting new technologies and new food and beverage industry-specific features that are made available continuously in the cloud.


  • Process and fulfill sales orders accurately, down to the minute level, while considering the most cost-efficient options
  • Meet legal and customer requirements with integrated quality management
  • Quickly identify root causes of food safety issues and conduct accurate and targeted recalls
  • Quickly implement preconfigured food and beverage processing best-practices


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