10 ways for automotive companies to achieve greater agility

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Avoid reckless rushing and adopt mindful choreography of new technology and processes

Rapid change has become a way of life. The speed of business continues to escalate, particularly for the automotive industry. An agile IT framework and highly flexible solutions are helping organizations adapt to rapid changes, including those brought on by COVID-19 and the ensuing supply chain disruption.

For the auto industry, the supply chain upheaval and semiconductor chip shortage cost about $210 billion in lost revenue. More than 11.3 million vehicles were put on hold, waiting for the necessary chips. Fortunately, modern technologies can help enterprises fully analyze risks, respond quickly to pressures, and develop new strategies with confidence. Modern ERP solutions support agile thinking, swift response, and appropriate-paced execution of new tactics. Deliberate and thoughtful choreography is more important than reckless rushing.

Automakers, dealers, OEMs, and suppliers must turn to creative problem-solving, innovation, and out-of-the box thinking to overcome today’s fast changing challenges and seize the emerging opportunities.

Agility must be an enterprise-wide strategy, starting at the top of the organization and communicated down through channels.

10 ways to foster agility across your organization


With COVID-19 disrupting the global supply chain, enterprises learned the value of agile response to changing conditions. As companies begin to prepare for the next normal, agility will still be important. Rapid change seems likely to continue or even escalate as pent-up demand is unleashed and consumers (both B2C and B2B) are eager to return to normalcy. Preparing now makes sense. Adopting advanced, modern technology, deployed in the cloud, will help companies respond quickly to new pressures as they arise. Highly agile, flexible solutions help enterprises in the automotive industry thrive in a constantly disrupted world.

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