Capturing and delivering big data across the enterprise

Data fabric

Data as a Service

Infor ® OS Data Fabric centralizes common data requirements, development patterns, and tooling into a unified suite of tools to maximize data ROI that scales with continued data growth and capture.

Rapid insights

Accelerated time-to-value analytics and development pipelines

Maximum data growth

Reduced data complexity and sourcing introduces high levels of data maturity and consensus

Continuous innovation

Rapid development tools and experiences—compounded with data cataloging—increases productivity and reduces scope creep

Unified solutions

Centralized data across Infor OS, Infor Apps, your API ecosystem, and third-party application data

Personalized experiences

Quick processing and extraction of insights and patterns using Compass SQL to interrogate and ask questions of data
Moving our data to the Infor Data Lake helped reduce data acquisition and storage complexity, making it easier to generate ROI in our content investment and IP development.
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Capabilities that meet enterprise needs

Big data Q&A

Enterprises require a converged data storage platform for storing enterprise data as-is and without the need for up-front, complex, and costly data transformation

Data unification and clarity

Enterprises need elegant yet powerful tools to manage petabyte-level data repositories as a means of understanding the shape of data stored

Operational monitoring

Clear visibility into data generation, traffic patterns, and data consumer behaviors are key for application administrators and content curators

Data dictionary

Delayed and unsuccessful big data projects often share a common theme: a lack of a semantic governance leads to poor access or understanding of data

Secured confidence

Data is secured at-rest and in-transit—leveraging Infor OS security principles and capabilities to locked down data tightly

Knowledge virtualization

Delivering domain-specific content to applications and functional teams requires a deep understanding of data models, their relationships, and how to create value across disparate, atomic datasets

Delivering productivity through innovative features

By removing everyday obstacles that can frustrate and distract, data fabric through Infor OS provides a foundation for continuous improvement—built with advanced technology that’s accessible to all employees and is ready to evolve as industries evolve.

KP1 Data Lake

Data Lake Compass query platform

  • Rapid data exploration, analysis, and content export
  • RESTful data interrogation services
  • Conventional database driver interfaces
  • Self-service data retrieval
KP2 Datalake Atlas

Data Lake Atlas management interface

  • Investigate the data your applications, devices, and users are generating
  • See meaningful metadata to satisfy compliance requirements, data management and purging, and data sharing
  • View, model, maintain, and manage your lake
  • Metadata-driven virtualization and zoning
  • Manage download access and eviction
KP3 Data Fabric Admin Widget

Real-time access and views

  • Monitor and investigate data lake API traffic patterns
  • Review historical growth trends by content and data publishers
  • Identify sustained and peak ingestion patterns
  • Monitor and notify around Compass API performance
Data Catalog

Infor Data Catalog

  • Establish semantic governance with data dictionary services, registration wizards, metadata index, and documentation repository
  • Register, build, and refine metadata models used across the Infor OS ecosystem
  • Cross-reference relationships defined within and across your catalog
  • Deliver depth of understanding of key business data traversing Infor OS
Data Catalog security

Integrated data security

  • Leverage IFS access to ensure rights by team entitlements
  • Column-level and rules-based security filtering
  • Impersonation testing
  • Risk monitoring and mitigation through auditing and monitoring
Metagraph Perspective


  • Direct and automate the building out of domain content and data dimensions for consumers to interrogate immediately
  • Auto-compose queries and models with pre-delivered metadata relationships
  • Accelerate content development with relate and layer views, materialized views, and existing metagraphs
Application develpoment

Paths to cloud value


Improve performance, boost ease of use, and give teams access to the latest capabilities


Maximize collaboration and streamline user experience across strategic workflows


Enable holistic business insights and planning, aggregate enterprise-wide data, and break down silos

Determine which path to the cloud will drive the most value for you

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