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February 13, 2023

Infor’s Early Talent Program recruits and onboards employees new to the software industry, whether new graduates, military veterans, or those changing careers or re-entering the job market. The program provides Early Talent with all required training and offers abundant development opportunities plus a variety of internal career journeys, globally and across all areas of the business.

“Infor passionately believes in developing our employees to build a long-term career with us. This is even more important when we look at our early talent,” says Chris Tennant, VP Global Recruiting – Talent Acquisition.

“We are hiring people who will be making key contributions to Infor’s success and future,” he added. “In the ever-changing cloud technology world, building the talent pool with new perspectives is essential. Fresh thinking helps the organization stay relevant and modern. Innovation depends on new ideas, and that’s just one of the reasons Infor is highly proactive in recruiting early talent.”

At Infor, we are encouraged to be constant life-long learners and seek responsibilities that align with our strengths and contributions. While we offer various career routes to Early Talent for advancement and expanding responsibilities, there are exponential ways you can create your individual career path at Infor, such as roles in Pre-sales, Sales & Marketing, Professional Services and Software Development to name a few.

Here are what some of our Early Talent employees have to say about their experiences:

Rish Shah (New Zealand), Associate Consultant, started his career with Infor through the Early Talent Program. After extensive onboarding, certifications, and mentorship, he now works with public sector clients in New Zealand with data migration and implementation of Infor solutions. “Infor’s transparency extends from the top down, as I had the opportunity to speak with the CEO, Kevin Samuelson, in a one-on-one. It’s made an impact on me on how I can gain mentors, and have numerous internal and external networking opportunities,” says Rish. Apart from excelling at his current role, Rish is keen to work the senior executive management to develop a professional development plan for young professionals in the APAC region to prosper in their leadership goals.

Afreen Shaik (India), Associate Software Engineer, started as an intern for six months and now is a full-time employee. “The first company is always special and a difficult decision to make as your first career move. But now that I look back, I know I’ve made the right choice!” says Afreen. “Every day feels like a fresh and new experience where I am both learning and growing. It’s definitely a great culture and work-life balance at Infor.”

Patrick Ganuelas (The Philippines), Associate Consultant, has been with Infor for almost 2 years. He started through the Early Talent Program during the pandemic lockdown restrictions, which was a challenge for most new hires at that period. Through onboarding, certifications, and training, he now confidently analyzes processes and gathers business requirements based on data and client interactions, amongst other responsibilities. “The Early Talent   Program allowed me to form long-lasting relationships, participate in implementation projects, and form solutions to real-world business problems.”

Mikko Lukka (Finland), Associate Consultant, has recently joined Infor through the Early Talent Program. He already had around 5 years of work experience, related to transport planning. He says, “The decision to choose Infor was easy, and it came down to the company culture more than anything else.” So far, he values “my colleagues and the working culture we share globally.”

Magda Mose (The Netherlands), Associate Consultant, joined Infor almost 2 years ago. She was able to overcome the lockdown challenges in which most employees had to work from home. She’s now working as an Infor M3 consultant for the food & beverage industry. “The Early Talent Program allowed me to bridge the gap between business and technology, while working on large projects.”

Johan Gran (Sweden), Associate Consultant, had the opportunity to experience an immersive one-week onboarding in Poland, where he met other colleagues, made his network grow, and learnt about our customers with help from a wide variety of trainings and presentations. “The Early Talent Program onboarding has been intense and meaningful. It has offered me the opportunity to take a lot of great courses that makes a great foundation for the consulting career. I’ve learned a lot and had so much fun.”

Sergio Toxqui (US), Technical Solution Consultant, also found the Early Talent Program helpful. Sergio is an example of someone who had work experience but decided to explore the technology industry. For 15 years, he had worked in retail, directing operations for a mom-and-pop store with six locations. The program helped him learn how to work in a corporate environment, gain confidence in presentation skills, and listen to customers to understand their pain points. “I have never felt more welcomed and more comfortable when joining a company than I did with Infor,” he says. “The specific use cases we learned and depth of product knowledge has been very valuable.”

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