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Learn the key signs your POS system might be failing you and what steps you can take now


Learn how reservations and table management technology can help organisations succeed in today’s new world

Restaurants & Food Services

Restaurants and food service industry leaders seek to achieve peak operational efficiency today while building the foundations for success in the future, too. With cloud-based solutions like restaurant point of sale (POS) and advanced table and reservations systems (TRS), along with a range of applications to serve a whole spectrum of activities, here are some of the challenges and goals Infor helps our customers address every day.

Superior guest experiences

  • Multiple ordering options
  • API-based third-party integrations
  • Unified operations—consistency and trust
  • Smooth transitions—order-taking, prep, delivery
  • Mobile and cloud—speed and accuracy

User-friendly tools for service staff

  • High-quality hardware options
  • Visually based reservations control
  • User-friendly UI—efficient service
  • Unified processes across all stations
  • Portability—serve guests anywhere

Standardised offering across locations

  • Improved communications brand-wide
  • Uniform and simultaneous rollouts
  • SKU-level item management
  • Centralised pricing and specials
  • Consolidated reporting

Data security, payments, and brand integrity

  • Consistent adherence to industry standards
  • Secure transactional data every time
  • Well-managed payment integrations
  • Guest-preferred payment support
  • Automatic security updates

Scalable platform for growth and change

  • Brand-wide performance visibility
  • Easier access to key data and reporting
  • More inclusive data analysis
  • Quicker competitive strategy adjustments
  • Less on-site hardware overhead

Micro-vertical expertise delivers business value faster

Table Service Restaurants

Table Service Restaurants

Full Service Restaurants

Full Service Restaurants

Managed Food Services

Managed Food Services



Casual Dining Restaurants

Casual Dining Restaurants

Hotel Restaurants

Hotel Restaurants

Higher Education Food Services

Higher Education Food Services

Solutions for your most critical challenges

Solutions for your most critical challenges

Infor CloudSuite™ Hospitality is the industry’s leading software suite of restaurant and food service solutions—fully integrated and delivered in a multi-tenant cloud environment.

Establish a platform for success

Build the competitive momentum essential to success.

  • Create an environment for success—data-driven strategies, faster rollouts
  • Better manage corporate and franchisee-owned QSRs for smoother, faster, and more accurate processes
  • Invest in best-in-class hardware, integrations with leading meal plan providers, more
  • Support efficient and scalable managed food services in a wide range of contexts and concepts
  • Simplify item management in a more centralized and adaptive way

Serve up a next-level guest experience

Serve up a next-level guest experience

Guest expectations are changing—change with them.

  • Increase order speed and accuracy via a more flexible and versatile restaurant point of sale solution
  • Enable self-service with user-friendly kiosks to empower guests to take control of their ordering experience
  • Connect to an expanding ecosystem of third-party loyalty and meal plan program opportunities
  • Integrate with leading-edge mobile-based apps to enable contactless ordering and delivery
  • Support a wider—more convenient—range of payment options easily and securely, including mobile

Empower staff with the right tools

Empower staff with the right tools

Give staff the technology to do their best work.

  • Provide reservations processes that prompt tasks to better manage all guest traffic
  • Meet and exceed guest expectations with intuitive, user-friendly point-of-sale to increase speed and reduce errors
  • Put the power of restaurant POS in service staff hands with tablet-based hardware to serve guests tableside, bar, patio, more
  • Create better workflows for private events with an end-to-end process from inquiry to invoice
  • Connect all aspects of guest orders from the time they’re made, to the kitchen, to fulfillment, to back office—all connected via API integration in the cloud
Create an advanced menu management process

Create an advanced menu management process

Manage your offering across multiple locations simultaneously.

  • Bring menu management all under one roof in the cloud to support a uniform, streamlined, and profitable offering across a brand
  • Create and easily administer a master item list with SKU requisition and approval to manage and monitor items under different names in various concepts
  • Ensure consistent item selection, pricing, combo, and daypart requirements
  • Implement simultaneous configuration to standardise all POS terminals
  • Manage multiple barcodes SKUs per item

Guarantee a secure environment for business and guest data

Guarantee a secure environment for business and guest data

Preserve integrity and trust with every transaction.

  • Support of EMV chip technology and mobile payments to reduce the need for staff to manage cards out of sight from guests
  • Guarantee PCI PA-DSS compliance combined with regular cloud security updates via SaaS
  • Invest in POS that never holds consumer data, integrated with leading payment systems
  • Ensure that every transaction is processed via point-to-point encryption (P2Pe)
  • Create a secure environment to support mobile payments and contactless credit card and debit transactions

Productivity by the numbers


reduction in guest wait times


increase in brand awareness in local market


revenue growth over 2 years


Restaurant and food services solutions


Infor Point of Sale (POS) is cloud-based and designed specifically to serve restaurant and food services operations. Our solution is easy to use and built with versatility in mind, applicable to stationary terminals, tablet-based hardware for tableside ordering, guest self-serve kiosks, and dual mode terminals to allow maximum service flexibility. It is powered by an advanced enterprise management platform that enables organisations to better manage menu items, consolidate selling strategies, and establish above-store controls to maximise profit potential across locations and concepts. Infor POS is designed for easy API-based integrations with KDS, loyalty programs, meal plan applications, and more.


Infor Table Reservations System helps restaurants and managed food services operations to create an intuitive and visually based end-to-end processes that improve service and operational efficiency. The solution helps service staff to better manage reservations and guest traffic of all kinds from web-based bookings, to phone-ins, walk-ins, overstays, and no-shows.


Infor Sales & Catering System takes event management to the next level, enabling restaurants, banquet halls and other venues to create lifecycle-based workflows and processes that account for the entire project spectrum. The solution is designed to be highly customisable, with user-friendly UI and automatic prompts in place to help teams make sure that no steps or details are missed during an event booking and planning process.

Other advanced business solutions

The restaurants and managed food services industries are changing quickly, driven by emerging technology and the way that teams do their jobs to meet the demands of a constantly shifting competitive landscape. Industry leaders are investing heavily in the right solutions and in the right technology platforms to make the most of business data as it informs strategy, and also in structuring their businesses to support long term growth. Infor is dedicated to helping our customers meet their goals with a wide spectrum of solutions to enhance their organizations that include:

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