Logistics Customers in China Select Infor to Overhaul Business and Streamline Operations

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China-October 28, 2020, 01:00 AM

Genzon Cold Chain and Shenzhen Woer deploying Infor WMS warehouse management system

BEIJING, China – 28 October 2020 – Infor today announced that Infor Warehouse Management System (WMS) continues to be the solution of choice for logistics providers in China — the latest adopters being Genzon Cold Chain Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Woer Heat-Shrinkable Material Co., Ltd.

Infor is focused on providing logistics solutions that meet the diverse needs of distribution centers globally, helping businesses manage activities holistically and integrating capabilities for warehouse management, labor management, transportation management and more. As Infor continues to grow its global distribution center customer base, an increasing number of companies are realizing the power of Infor’s logistics solutions to streamline warehouse operations.

Genzon Cold Chain Co., Ltd
Genzon Cold Chain Co., Ltd., a service provider for high-tech industrial solutions, is leveraging Infor WMS to overhaul its cold chain logistics business and deliver even more streamlined services to its customers. The move is being supported by Infor’s partner in China, SIS Global.

Genzon Cold Chain chose Infor for its expertise in the provision of third-party logistics (3PL) solutions, its strong support for automated equipment, integrated interfaces, its ability to implement solutions at the practical level and its efficacy proven through rich case studies. Infor WMS is highly scalable and will be able to cater to customers’ needs and those of the business as the company expands.

“Infor Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps our customers by providing them world-class cold chain logistics solutions that are powerful enough to support large-scale projects, and flexible enough to meet individualized needs,” said Huang Shaosheng, COO of Genzon. “Deploying Infor’s industry-specific solutions has been easy, and we are confident that Infor WMS will continue to support both our business needs and those of our customers well into the future.”

Shenzhen Woer Heat-Shrinkable Material Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Woer Heat-Shrinkable Material Co., Ltd. is a provider of electrical and mechanical insulation solutions for the automotive, electrical/utility, electronics and communications markets. A global company with Chinese roots, it selected Infor WMS to help revamp its warehouse business.

Infor WMS will allow Shenzhen Woer to manage distribution center activities holistically. Meanwhile, Infor SCE will help the company automate and simplify complex warehouse and transportation management processes by integrating capabilities for warehouse management, labor management, third-party logistics (3PL) billing, transportation management and other processes critical to the success of logistics service providers.

“As a large heat shrink manufacturer operating multiple global warehouses, we needed warehouse management solutions that would simplify and streamline our processes throughout all of our locations,” said Zhou Guohua, CIO at Shenzhen Woer Heat-Shrinkable Material Co., Ltd. “We selected Infor because of its deep industry expertise. Its industry-specific, purpose-built software helps simplify the implementation process and makes the complex work of managing warehouse operations easier.”

“Infor provides industry-specific cloud solutions to help enterprises with agility and flexibility to drive performance and scalability, and assist in reducing time-to-value,” said Becky Xie, Infor vice president of sales for Greater China and Korea. “We look forward to helping Genzon Cold Chain and Shenzhen Woer overhaul their distribution and supply chains business segments, and realize quick business impacts.”

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