CloudSuite™ Industrial Enterprise

Harsco Rail chose Infor to help transform 17-year-old business processes & mindsets.

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Modernising their business

Outdated software and paper-based processes were keeping Harsco Rail from maximising its potential. The company leadership realised their outdated systems couldn’t help advance their business goals. The company was increasingly introducing more service offerings to support its manufactured products, expanding into repair kit sales and providing maintenance services to the big 7 railways. It needed one industrial machinery software application and a single source of data to support this company-wide growth and innovation.

Efficiency gains through automation

Harsco Rail leveraged its long-standing, strong relationship with Infor to move to CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise. This move immediately transformed the business and the mindset the company had in place for 17 years. Harsco Rail now has access to the industry best practices, emerging technology, and consumable data it needs to grow and thrive—all within a smaller IT footprint than it had before.

days for Harsco Rail to deploy CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise
hours cut to achieve real-time transaction processing
consolidated system and data source for information spanning 35 countries
We are very pleased with Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise and have gained great user adoption with its ease of exporting and downloading data.

A technology backbone for modernising industrial enterprises

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise is the technology backbone you need to modernise your business. Boost performance and efficiency in areas that are essential to your manufacturing organisation—improving customer engagements, your operations, and the supply chain.



Digital backbone

Digital backbone

  • Automate complex tasks
  • Networked analytics & business intelligence
  • Extensibility for unique business requirements
customer engagmeent

Improved customer engagement

  • Configure products & share 2D and 3D images
  • Manage products from inception through delivery & service
integrated operations

Integrated operations

  • Industry best practices for project-based manufacturing processes
  • Global, multi-site planning capabilities
supply chain transparency

Supply chain transparency

  • Maintain global supplier visibility
  • Use advanced warehouse management
  • Eliminate stock-outs and delays

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