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Infor Supply Chain Planning software

Optimize inventory and performance with end-to-end supply chain planning software

Tackle key areas of supply chain complexity

Infor Supply Chain Planning (SCP) balances supply and demand through modular applications to tackle key areas of complexity—all while making use of a shared, powerful, end-to-end platform. The platform provides solutions to help businesses with demand planning and sensing, supply planning, production planning and scheduling, inventory optimization, integrated business planning (IBP), and sales and operations planning.

With mountains of data, fluctuating variables, and unavoidable constraints, supply chain planning is no simple feat. Infor Supply Chain Planning synchronizes the supply chain, helping companies make smarter, faster, and more informed decisions.

Synchronize supply and demand

Infor Supply Chain Planning helps businesses identify the best use of assets and supply. By making it easier to balance and optimize supply chain processes, the platform helps businesses achieve performance goals through real, measurable process improvements that can significantly affect the bottom line.


reduction in supply chain costs


decreased working capital requirements through reduced inventory levels


reduction in wastage costs

There is very intense competition in the Japanese beer market nowadays. In the midst of all that, Kirin is able to formulate supply and demand plans in a speedy and efficient manner using Infor Supply Chain Planning. We believe that because of this, we will be able to deliver fresher and tastier beer to our customers, wherever and whenever they want.

Kenji Maeda, IT Manager
Kirin Business System Company

Infor Supply Chain Planning

Infor Integrated Business Planning

Infor IBP is a comprehensive solution developed to provide core analytics, visibility, collaboration, and execution capabilities that help organizations across industries get closer to real orchestration of their supply chain and retain control of costs and services delivered.

  • Fulfill demand at the lowest cost possible
  • Minimize stockouts and associated service fines and lost sales
  • Reduce transportation, overtime, and inventory holding costs
  • Align production with demand
  • Synchronize operations and replace spreadsheet planning
  • Achieve multi-enterprise, networked collaboration in the cloud
  • Enable response planning to operationalize decisions
  • Establish support for growth initiatives, such as new products
  • Generate predictive financial analysis and reconciliation

Infor Demand Management

Powered by machine learning, Demand Management brings precision to every point of the retail and fashion supply chain with AI that can sense, predict, and fulfill demand based on real-time market data. Infused with the latest innovations in data science, this powerful demand planning platform provides a modern and sophisticated approach to demand forecasting, merchandise financial planning, lifecycle pricing, assortment planning, replenishment optimization, and more.

  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics for retail and fashion logistics
  • End-to-end support for assortment, planning, pricing, supply chain, and custom processes
  • Seamless integration with Infor Nexus

Infor Demand Planning

Infor Demand Planning employs unique, probabilistic forecasting methods to deliver unmatched forecast accuracy. With a system that automatically processes mountains of information from big data sources, signal feeds, and the endless range of dynamic information within your own business process, you get a fast, social, highly collaborative demand planning platform to solve your planning challenges for good.

  • Get better, more collaborative, and accurate forecasts
  • Improve visibility and speed information flow across your organization
  • Support the integrated supply chain business process
  • Ensure completion of key activities
  • Increase productivity through a consumer-grade user experience
  • Gain better insight with performance dashboards

Infor Supply Planning

Infor Supply Planning easily adapts to evolving business requirements, whether it’s planning across multiple sites, considering shelf-life constraints in build-ahead strategies, balancing product mix, or choosing the best product recipe or formula based on availability of materials and demand.

  • Synchronize production with demand
  • Consider cost and constraints across the entire supply chain
  • Reduce implementation time and lower total cost of ownership
  • Solve problems before they slow or halt the fluidity of the supply chain
  • Respond to market changes more quickly and confidently
  • Evaluate and revise plans with built-in scenario modeling

Infor Production Scheduling

Infor Production Scheduling is a supply chain planning solution that optimizes production resources, empowering manufactures to reduce costs, improve performance, and grow revenue.

  • Minimize transportation costs
  • Improve factory end user decision making with more accurate and reliable production planning
  • Bring efficiency to the supply chain
  • Improve the accuracy and reliability of demand and supply planning
  • Make on-the-fly adjustments to ensure production schedules are optimized for efficient flow and minimal downtime
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