Nexus Supply Management

Align supply chain across the Infor Nexus network
supply management

Buyers and suppliers need collaboration

Nexus Supply Management allows buyers to share and collaborate with multiple tiers of suppliers on plans, forecasts, and commitments on the network, improving responsiveness to dynamic demand. With faster collaboration and automated alerts, companies can proactively balance supply and demand to improve on-time delivery rates and reduce cycle times while simultaneously reducing inventory costs.


  • Multi-party and multi-tier collaboration
  • Multi-level information sharing and collaboration
  • Early notice of supply-demand misalignment
  • Track forecast and order performance
  • Supplier packing, labelling, and ASN automation

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Features & Benefits

get early alerts

Get early alerts to issues and mimize lost revenues

Ensuring supply through digital commitments, early alerts to issues, and ongoing collaboration minimises stockouts and lost revenue without expediting everything.Proactive and ongoing alignment of supply, means earlier notification of potential shortages, and mitigating risks.

Directly ship from source to customer

Accelerate time-to-market by equipping suppliers with the tools and processes. Electronically enable customer-compliant labels and packaging accelerates the warehouse receiving process, including RFID scan and pack, to ensure compliance and confidence to directly ship from source to customer.
trust through visibility

Establishing trust through visibility

Visibility and collaboration with suppliers early and often, provides the flexibility to postpone products and destinations, to better align supply to the latest demand signal. Early commitments, continuous visibility, and collaboration, establishes trust and alignment between partners.

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