User Adoption Platform (UAP)

Role-specific knowledge at your fingertips, when you need it

Content authoring, management & delivery

Author and manage unique learning content with Infor User Adoption Platform (UAP). Record keystrokes to instantly create custom content that directly reflects how to navigate your organisation's business processes and procedures. Authors can rapidly create and publish content including procedural documents, simulations, eLearning courses, and more. Everything you create can be made available as context-sensitive help with Ming.le Smart Help within your Infor applications. Infor UAP provides both current and future employees the sustainable knowledge needed to master their applications, ensuring that your organisation maximises ROI on its technology investment.


  • Document business processes with consistent messaging
  • Record role-specific training content
  • Create multiple deliverables from a single recording
  • Deliver context-sensitive help within the application with Ming.le Smart Help
  • Available in the cloud
  • Supports 31 languages

Features & Benefits

create content

Rapidly create content

Enable your subject matter experts to quickly and easily create content by recording a process flow in your business applications. The single UAP source file can be published into all desired languages and formats, including simulations, business process procedures, test scripts, and online help with Ming.le Smart Help.
User adoption

Increase user adoption with context-sensitive help

Support users right at the point of need—embed UAP content in all Infor solutions. UAP-generated content is customized to your business processes and software configuration. When users request help or search online support content, they get information specific to their role and what they are doing.


Create eLearning courses

Quickly develop and deploy eLearning courses using pre-defined page formats, interactive media, and integrated quizzes. Incorporate recorded task-based simulations into your courses. Launch the courses via the performance support system, or import them into a Learning Management System (LMS).

Infor UAP Content Libraries

Increase productivity

To even further the speed of creating training and user support material Infor is offering UAP Content Libraries. The libraries consist of pre-built content for UAP covering the most common actions and processes in the software, following best practices. You can edit this content to follow the practices at your organisation.

Available Content Libraries

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