From the Midwest to the Moon: How Major Tool and Machine leverages Infor VISUAL

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Transforming complicated processes and unconnected resources with technology

Established in 1946, Major Tool and Machine (MTM) is a precision manufacturing company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company focuses on creating high-quality, complex fabricated and machined parts and assemblies for various sectors such as aerospace, defense, power generation, space, oil and gas, and nuclear.

Since its inception, MTM has evolved into one of the largest and most advanced manufacturing facilities in the Midwest, with unique capabilities found in only a few plants nationwide.

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Leveraging the data from the VISUAL Scheduler and creating realistic ‘what-if’ schedules has allowed better accuracy when delivering promise dates to our customers. That level of confidence has been reciprocated by our customers, creating long-lasting, successful partnerships.

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Project steps

In 2015, the first joint milestone was the upgrade to XA 9.1. The heavily modified ERP system was brought up to the Infor standard. Thus, future update costs were significantly reduced, and the stability of the system was significantly improved. The next step was the implementation of a modern output management with Interform. In 2017, the first Infor ION solution for system integration was put into operation at Canon as part of the modernization of the IT infrastructure. The successful upgrade to ERP XA R9.2 then took place in 2018.

In 2019, further ION solutions were put into operation and simplifications of the system landscape were implemented in the following. In 2021, the Infor SCE implementation followed to optimize logistics. In the same step, a modern IoT solution was implemented for comprehensive control of the complete infrastructure.

In 2022, SCE and IoT were further optimized. The next short-term goal is the modernization of the UI and the further rollout of the Infor OS technology. In 2023, there are still projects to be implemented: for example, the upgrade to XA R10 as well as further interfaces based on Infor ION.



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Enhanced metrics and proactive management

Before implementing Infor VISUAL, MTM had a 76% on time delivery customer rate and an overly complicated processes to determine ship dates for new or potential business. A lack of visibility to open capacity hindering new opportunities due to lack of true capacity metrics. Underutilized resources and potential revenue loss. After VISUAL implementation, on time delivery rates increased to 98% and included award-winning performance for customers which lead to long-term and renewable projects across all major sectors. An increase from an $50M operation to more than 4x that as they stand today. Easy communication with the sales staff and other departments in available capacity for sales has contributed to impressive growth.

Maximizing resources with “what-if” calendars

Previously MTM managed through complicated processes in determining available capacity, and current and future constraints. Large efforts were involved in requiring all departments to utilize unconnected resources to determine start dates, ship dates, and new business opportunities. 
Infor VISUAL ERP vastly improved visibility and utilization of reliable and accurate “what-if” schedules embedded in the Global Scheduler allowed departments to easily see constraints, as well as capacity, resulting in quicker decision-making and increased sales of open capacity. Today, MTM lives and breathes based on the data provided by the Global Scheduler, "what-if" schedules, and the Throughput Window.

Adaptability and continuous improvement

Infor solutions helped MTM alleviate complicated processes, limiting the company's ability to adapt to new challenges and opportunities in the competitive manufacturing landscape. Now MTM sees continuous improvement and adaptability in their processes, ensuring that the company remains agile and innovative in response to evolving market demands and customer expectations while being confident in seeking out new markets, customers, and opportunities. 

Expanding success across the Precinmac Family of Companies

Impressed by MTM's success, its parent company, Precinmac, adopted VISUAL ERP for one of its subsidiary companies in Utah. Working with Synergy Resources, the subsidiary aims to gain deeper insight into current and future state planning concerning work in progress and open capacity for future bookings. They will leverage MTM's experience in optimizing VISUAL's Global Scheduler, Throughput Window, and “what-if” scheduling capabilities.

Ongoing support and refinement

MTM continues to refine its use of the VISUAL Scheduler, ensuring no capacity is left unused as accurate data continues to drive the business forward. Both Infor and Synergy Resources are committed to providing ongoing support to Major Tool and the additional subsidiary companies under the Precinmac umbrella.

Final takeaway:

Major Tool and Machine's (MTM) strategic implementation of Infor VISUAL ERP and its partnership with Infor and Synergy Resources have been pivotal in transforming the company's performance, efficiency, and scalability. By embracing a powerful ERP solution and leveraging expert guidance, MTM has set a new standard in large-scale manufacturing, showcasing the tremendous potential for growth and success that can be achieved with the right tools and collaboration.


See how Major Tool and Machine leverages Infor VISUAL

Download a PDF of the MTM story to see how an ERP solution created for order-driven manufacturing allows operations to scale quickly across an entire plant.

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