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Connect gaming activities with hotel guest profiles and rewards.
Know your top players. Build relationships.
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Gaming hospitality solutions to serve great player guest experiences

Robust casino hospitality software for hotels must support a seamless experience between casino floor activities and player perks and comps.

Infor helps hotel casinos create smooth journeys between hospitality gaming experiences, lodging, rewards, and other essentials to help build relationships and competitive momentum.

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A casino hotel technology platform to connect gaming and lodging

Advanced hospitality software solutions integrated with casino technology to increase operational efficiency, intelligence, and relationships with players and guests.

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Creating seamless experiences that are player and guest focused

Cultivate return visits and profitable, long-term relationships with top players and guests.

  • Connect gaming system player profiles and property management CRM for a continuous experience between casino floor and other property activities and offerings
  • Use advanced guest profile- and player-tracking capabilities for personalized services and perks
  • Offer a professional, hassle-free, UI experience for guests by putting them in control from end to end during their stay via their own mobile devices
  • Craft upsell opportunities aligned to profiles and histories and incentivize loyalty
  • Reduce social contact for guests—contactless and paperless check in and check out, add-ons, room services, maintenance requests, and more
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Enabling staff with the right tools for success

Operate with the efficiency and flexibility of the cloud, including mobile solutions.

  • Empower teams with user-friendly UI and intuitive systems—Mobile Check In, Digital Registration, Mobile, Housekeeper
  • Automate tasks, workflows, and reminders to create operational efficiency for guests and staff alike
  • Create greater visibility and empowerment for staff to help them achieve greater precision at every stage
  • Streamline time-consuming tasks so that staff can concentrate on the guest experience
  • Put access data in the hands of teams securely, whether on-site or on-the-go, 24/7/365
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Anticipating trends and quickly implementing new strategies

Easily manage revenue and yield with automated forecasts and recommendations across properties.

  • Optimize player tiers levels and maximize occupancy while protecting rates via automation
  • Gain strategic insights from focused analytics to make better decisions based on real data
  • Generate detailed demand forecasting information while on site or on the go
  • Implement strategies across multiple sales channels via cloud-based solutions and infrastructure
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Enabling precise group booking and amenities reservations

Simplify event planning and coordination with greater cost effectiveness and less stress.

  • Enable property management integration for group booking capabilities connected to event planning
  • Benefit from automated prompts that create smoother and user-friendly processes for managing each event stage
  • Enable greater efficiency with visually-oriented event and amenities reservations
  • Gain greater visibility and precision on event change auditing
  • Manage related expense and labor controls, and associated food and beverage costs for group sales and events
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Gaining adaptability and scalability in the cloud

Serve today’s players and guests while preparing for the future.

  • Unify multiple brands and locations via the unique power of Infor® Cloud built on Amazon Web Services®(AWS)
  • Be flexible and agile as new and essential technologies emerge
  • Stay compliant as an organization with vital regulatory standards like PCI PADSS, CCPA, GDPR, and any upcoming and/or regional industry requirements
  • Enhance collaboration and precise strategy in a single and secure business data environment, aligning teams across your organization simultaneously
Infor Hospitality has been a partner to our organization for a long time and expanding our technology partnership with them gives us a more streamlined approach and flexibility. Infor’s cloud infrastructure, network services and industry-specific application design will give us more reliability, security, and scalability.
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Casinos and Gaming cloud software

Hospitality Property Management System (HMS)

Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) is an advanced, cloud-based hospitality property management system (PMS). The solution enables casinos and hotels to personalize the guest experience, and to connect and seamlessly integrate with leading gaming software. Its mobile-friendly functionality empowers staff to deliver superior services and helps foster long-lasting relationships with top players via integrated CRM capabilities. Infor HMS is natively built and deployed in the cloud, helping casino and gaming organizations to create a robust and scalable hospitality technology platform.

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Revenue Management System (RMS)

Infor EzRMS is an intelligent and science-based hospitality revenue management solution that helps gaming and casino organizations to track all aspects of their business. This solution is powered by precise machine learning algorithms and automated demand forecasts for a range of revenue streams. The solution recommends timely selling strategies, stay controls, open/close room categories, overbooking levels, and more. Infor EzRMS augments and empowers revenue management expertise, helping casino and hotel organizations to realize revenue potential and to build momentum for future growth.

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Sales & Catering Solution (SCS)

Infor Sales & Catering Solution (SCS) enables casinos and hotels to facilitate and manage events and to maximize returns with clarity, precision and timeliness. From the initial booking process to the final invoice, Infor SCS is a flexible and adaptable hub to keep track of essential event details in a focused and user-friendly environment throughout the lifecycle of each event. Infor SCS provides gaming and casino businesses a process-driven and highly customizable platform designed to increase visibility, simplify processes, and help optimize returns.

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Table and Reservations Solution (TRS)

Infor Table Reservation System (TRS) enables streamlined reservations for amenities booking and schedules for entertainment assets such as restaurant tables, fitness machines, pool, leisure amenities, and more. The solution helps hotel and casino organizations to more efficiently manage amenities and assets using advanced reservations and visually-based floor management functionality to account for all kinds of guest traffic from advanced bookings, to walk-ins, overstays, and no-shows.

Hospitality Financials and Supply Chain Management

Infor Financials & Supply Management is an integrated finance and supply management software suite that couples modern financial functionality with tools to track supplies and streamline order processes. End-to-end, fully integrated capabilities are designed specifically to integrate with a range of commercial contexts, including casino gaming and hospitality.

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Other advanced business solutions

Infor understands the complexities of today’s hospitality and casino gaming industry. We’re dedicated to support industry leaders in their efforts to create superior guest experiences, to empower staff, and gain competitive insights to inform strategy, now and in the future. In addition to hotel PMS, hospitality revenue management, and other essential software, Infor also helps hotels and casino organizations in a wide range of ways to support success beyond these core industry solutions, including:

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