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Your organisation's Behavioural DNA®

Put the right talent in the right roles with Talent Science, a patented, cloud-based predictive talent analytics solution. By leveraging large quantities of behavioural and performance data, Talent Science helps organisations build diverse teams and personalised career pathing strategies.

Increase productivity, creativity, and long-term engagement—all from a singular behavioural assessment. With insights that can be customised into predictive models, Talent Science makes it more efficient to select, retain, and develop the right talent across the entire employee life cycle and over time.

Unlock opportunities for today's enterprise

Create distinctive talent algorithms to fit your organisation

Uncover what makes your top performers different from everyone else, leverage patented and proven technology to measure person-to-role fit, and drive the right KPIs for your business

Match talent to the right role

Expand talent pools, support succession planning, and deliver intelligence into talent mobility—all using a single assessment solution to instantly understand best fit across many positions

Get more out of assessments

Discover a person’s Behavioural DNA from a single assessment and support the talent life cycle with tools for hiring, onboarding, development, and career planning

Drive team alignment and productivity

Use Infor Team Dynamics to bring self-awareness to teams, uncover opportunities for collaboration, and provide managers and teams with actionable insight to improve teamwork

Support diversity and inclusion

Drive workforce diversity with better science to remove bias and uncover hidden talent

Improve legal defensibility

Responsibly leverage data and analytics built on a platform committed to data privacy, security, compliance, and digital accessibility

Harness advanced talent analytics

Fuel informed business decisions with aggregated talent data and benchmarking

Attain measurable ROI

Proactively measure how Talent Science is impacting your KPIs and evolve your talent algorithms over time

Enhance user experiences with quality integrations

Effortlessly use dozens of standard integrations available with top applicant tracking systems

Customer success

USA Properties Fund partnered with Infor Talent Science to incorporate a seamless talent screening assessment to their high-volume hiring process, offering candidates a better experience and retaining employees longer.

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Assessment experience

  • 96% positive experience for candidates and employees
  • Highly configurable branded experiences
  • Personalised feedback reports instantly available
  • 96% assessment completion rate
  • Digital accessibility for all users

Try the assessment for yourself and instantly receive a copy of your own feedback report.

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Hiring experience

  • Make the process easier for your hiring and talent teams
  • Take advantage of deep and easy-to-understand insights for managers, recruiters, and interviewers
  • Easily and efficiently put the right person in the right role so your teams can hit peak productivity
  • Create a better interview with personalised guides designed to help interviewers remain focused regardless of experience
  • Groom top talent with guided coaching and development sessions for an employee’s current role or next role in a career path

Employee experience

  • Provide assessments to employees
  • Share information and deliver insights directly to your people so they can discover their potential and be ready to take on the job
  • Automated feedback reports designed to bring self-awareness to unique behavioural strengths and traits
  • Onboarding tools to help newly hired or promoted employees understand how they can better take on new tasks, work with their manager, and more
  • Prepare high potential talent for leadership roles

Team Dynamics

  • Use team assessments to break through the barriers of effective team communication and collaboration
  • Optimise team performance with effective communication and collaboration
  • In-depth analysis of the behavioural characteristics driving a team
  • Develop strategies to promote team productivity and collaboration
  • Empower leaders and plan for success using data-driven insights into team functions and team interactions
  • Better integrate established and newly forming work groups

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Proven predictive insights for your workforce


higher sales in global retailer


increase in diversity


lower safety incident rate


lower employee turnover in nursing


less time spent interviewing at nationwide US service restaurant company


lower employee turnover for employee coached using talent science tools


US working population assessed


assessment reports generated annually


assessment languages

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