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Visualisation and orchestration of the end-to-end supply chain

Infor® Nexus delivers the enhanced visualisation of end-to-end product and logistic flows, with real-time demand and supply signals. Predictive alerts and intelligent, in-context decision support allow for early detection to disruptions and opportunities. In-network, real-time collaboration helps meet service levels and reduce costs.

Unlock opportunities for today's enterprise

Multi-party connectivity

Connect all supply chain parties on a single instance multi-enterprise business network

Real-time signals

Continually monitor demand and supply signals in real-time

Predictive alerts

Get early notification of real or potential disruptions and opportunities

Prescriptive recommendation

Aggregation of common-cause issues and prioritisation of situation resolution based on financial and customer metrics

Decision support

Intelligent, in-context decision support for optimal resolutions

Collaborative execution

Collaborate in-network and in real-time on forecasts, capacity, and orders

Infor Nexus Control Centre
Control Centre

Infor Nexus Control Centre

Infor Nexus Control Centre combines a high-fidelity picture of in-process flows of products, materials, orders, demand, and capital across the extended supply chain network with predictive and prescriptive insights so companies can proactively respond to issues and opportunities.

  • Global view of end to end supply chain flows
  • Identify pressing supply chain issues and opportunities
  • Gain in-context intelligence plus predictive and prescriptive insights
  • In application collaboration and execution for faster response

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Infor Nexus Supply Management
Supply Management

Infor Nexus Supply Management

Infor Nexus Supply Management provides companies with greater visibility, agility and control of supply to meet today’s dynamic demand. Through shared visibility, faster collaboration and automated execution of multi-tier processes, companies can assure supply, improve on-time delivery and service levels.

  • Multi-party and multi-tier forecast and order collaboration
  • Direct ship and cross docks through supplier pack and ship automation
  • Multi-Tier inventory visibility
  • Proactive alerts to predicted stock-outs and supply shortages
  • Predictive delivery dates and improved customer service

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Infor Nexus
Infor Nexus

Infor Nexus

Infor Nexus is the only single-instance multi-enterprise business network platform that powers many of the world’s most complex supply chains to drive efficiency and agility by optimising the flow of goods, information and capital from source to delivery and pay.

  • Comprehensive capability from source to deliver and pay
  • Multi-source data and process harmonisation for shared visibility and analytics
  • AI and machine learning for predictive and prescriptive insights
  • World-class global onboarding and support
  • Mobile supply chain management from any wireless device

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Productivity by the numbers

20 days

reduction in production cycle times

Up to 98%

Improved on-time delivery

3 days

reduction in lead times, from factory to delivered

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