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Smart auto manufacturing: Merge strategic data insights with shop floor innovation

Help your auto manufacturing business thrive by using a modern ERP to streamline end-to-end processes—including partner collaboration, customer alignment, data-centric demand planning, and proactive supply chain management.

Micro-vertical functionality delivers business value faster











Get the most from Industry 4.0 advances
Screenshot of eBook about optimising processes with automobile software, leveraging industry 4.0 in the Automotive industry

Get the most from Industry 4.0 advances

Automotive software is transforming the auto industry, and Industry 4.0 automotive solutions are providing faster results.

Read about Industry 4.0 process optimisation

Adapt to unparalleled automotive market challenges

Make smart, bold decisions with confidence and fact-based risk analysis. Be strategic, remove roadblocks, set priorities, and cut through complexities.

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Embrace next-gen technology to gain a competitive advantage
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Embrace next-gen technology to gain a competitive advantage

Make more strategic data-based decisions to increase efficiency and embrace a new era of auto manufacturing.

  • Leverage Infor OS platform with advanced analytics, driven by AI and ML
  • Empower business users with role-based dashboards and easily consumable data insights
  • Take advantage of Infor’s platform as a service for greater flexibility
  • Improve operational efficiencies through the use of sensors, machine-to-machine connectivity, and IoT technologies
Keep pace with fast-changing automotive product trends
Car bodies being connected with engines and suspension in car factory

Keep pace with fast-changing automotive product trends

Handle the dramatic changes in vehicle technology that generate new levels of complexity.

  • Navigate R&D and product launch processes more efficiently
  • Track regulatory compliance and quality control
  • Manage projects and stage-gating for introductions
  • Offer highly configured products and RFQs
  • Maintain APQP, MMOG, and revision control
Collaborate on complex project details
Screenshot of a automotive ERP system

Collaborate on complex project details

Choose and rely on secure platforms that expedite your organization’s goals for ever better cars, trucks, engines, and more.

  • Join forces and share data and design concepts with partners and customers
  • Use EDIs to safely share information with customers, contractors, and suppliers
  • Manage a highly secure global commerce network
  • Maintain visibility upstream and downstream
  • Securely navigate contracts through Infor Automotive Exchange
Automotive software for supply chain management
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Automotive software for supply chain management

Optimize complex end-to-end planning , communication, and execution.

  • Maintain global visibility to anticipate and adjust as needed
  • Improve S&OP and supply chain planning
  • Leverage advanced analytics to project outcomes and risks
  • Manage for multi-site, multi-logistics inventory planning
  • Control inventory, minimizing investment, reducing costs
  • Track items by lot and Serial 360

Automotive cloud software

Automotive manufacturing ERP

CloudSuite Automotive provides a comprehensive suite of industry-proven automotive solutions, including a core ERP and specialized applications to meet the specialized needs of an automotive manufacturer or supplier, such as:

  • Quality management functionality that streamlines APQP and PPAPs
  • Statistical process control (SPC) data collection for IATF-16949 compliance
  • Management of production planning and scheduling, including MMOG requirements
  • Online collaboration between automotive suppliers up and down the value chain
  • Certification as a Honda North America Software Solution

Manufacturing ERP software for mid- to small-size businesses

Infor CloudSuite Industrial is an end-to-end ERP solution for both discrete and process manufacturers, providing predictive analytics, collaboration, lean production tools, and integration options. Infor CloudSuite Industrial is a true mixed-mode application for engineer to order, configure to order, highly repetitive, process, and service-based manufacturers. CloudSuite Industrial helps manage complexity and growth, while enabling organizations to gain performance improvements in customer service, productivity, and cost control.

  • Innovate faster and more efficiently
  • Manage production planning and scheduling
  • Coordinate aftermarket service and maintenance
  • Optimize production scheduling
  • Improve product quality
  • Leverage the highly flexible, scalable architecture to be more agile and synchronized with fast-changing customer expectations
  • Infor ERP
  • Infor® OS
  • Infor Birst®
  • Infor Implementation Accelerators
  • Deployed on AWS®

Supply Chain Network / Supply Chain Planning / Warehousing

Infor® Supply Chain Management solutions deliver intelligent, real-time supply chain orchestration by digitalizing end-to-end supply chain processes, allowing companies to gain real time visibility that empowers data-driven decisions and optimal delivery to customers on time.

  • Maximize the reliability and performance of assets
  • Predict equipment failure and carry out preventative maintenance
  • Comply with strict legal and environmental regulations
  • Streamline purchasing and procurement
  • Track labor costs and reduce downtime
  • Infor Nexus
  • Infor Supplier Exchange
  • Infor Supply Chain Planning
  • Infor WMS

Talent Management

Optimize every aspect of labor management and productivity with Infor® Workforce Management. Strategically enhance workforce planning, execution, and analysis with an engaging, industry-specific, enterprise workforce management software solution built on a proven technology platform that delivers time and attendance, demand-driven scheduling, workforce scheduling, and absence management tools.

  • Enable your people to access workforce data anywhere, anytime
  • Track employee time and get the right data to payroll—every time
  • Leverage vertically specialized shift- or demand-driven scheduling tools
  • Take advantage of intuitive, industry specialized software for budgeting, planning, and forecasting labor demand

Automotive analytics with AI

Infor® industry analytics deliver relevant and meaningful insights for everybody from the boardroom to the shop floor. Infor Birst® makes business intelligence and analytics easy to consume with pre-built industry and role-specific content and metrics embedded wherever business users need information. Improve decision-making with Birst.

  • Best in class pre-built industry content
  • C-suite dashboards for prescriptive analysis
  • Intelligent drill-back with in-context insights
  • Open ecosystem for democratized analytics
  • Enterprise-wide solution for integrated data

Configure Price Quote / Field Service

Infor CPQ helps sales teams, partners, and distributors sell complex products more quickly with a rules-driven platform designed for visual quoting and dynamic pricing, to instantly produce a configuration-specific list price, dealer cost, and quoted selling price. Orders are automatically passed to your business system via enterprise integration.

  • Sell complex products faster with quick and accurate quotes on-demand
  • Accelerate product innovation
  • Optimize your supply chain to improve demand planning and purchasing
  • Bring your products to life with a visual selection and configuration experience
  • Complete visibility into real-time data
Deploy smart, simplified, preconfigured functionality
Automotive worker inspecting cars on manufacturing production line.

Deploy smart, simplified, preconfigured functionality

Utilize solutions that can help streamline auto or parts manufacturing as well as industry processes.

  • Take advantage of preconfigured, industry-specific capabilities for ease and speed of deployment
  • Leverage built-in, proven best practices, forms, and workflows
  • Manage mixed mode manufacturing, including: project, repetitive, job shop, engineer-to-order, and assemble-on-demand—with one solution
  • Handle shop floor operations, workforce management, and quality control
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