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Factory Track

Infor Factory Track automates and simplifies plant floor and inventory operations

End-to-end manufacturing solution

Infor Factory Track™ is an end-to-end manufacturing automation solution, along with warehouse mobility, traceability, and tools for tracking labour and time. Designed to help companies streamline production, properly inventory materials, speed inventory operations, keep labour costs in control and integrate with Infor's industrial manufacturing platform. Get the visibility and insight to understand true costs, improve cycle times, and respond to customer expectations for on-time delivery.


  • Barcode handling
  • Inbound Logistics
  • Job material transactions
  • Time & Attendance automation
  • Labour data collection
  • Overtime rules
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Automation from plant floor to warehouse

Infor Factory Track manages automation on the plant floor and in the warehouse, from receiving raw materials to the assembly process and shipping finished goods. The modules for automation, include inventory handling, scheduling work centre operations and labour time and attendance.

Minimise risk of non-compliance

Minimise risk of non-compliance

Infor Factory Track minimises the risk of non-compliance, tracks lot-controlled items, provides advanced visibility into lot and serialised items across the manufacturing value chain, and gives greater control over versions, high tech components, and fast-changing product specifications.

Track labour time and attendance

Track labour time and attendance

With more than 200 configurable parameters, Infor Factory Track modules can help companies understand their labour costs. Time Track features manufacturing-specific labor and attendance functionality, collects global employee data and labour tracking requirements of small to large manufacturers.

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