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Case Study
Kempinski Hotels SA

Kempinski Hotels empowers employees and drives strategy through better reporting with Infor d/EPM hosted in the cloud.

Case Study
DVF successfully transforms into a DTC-first business with Birst

By shifting focus from partner sales to direct sales, DVF needed to drive all online traffic and sales directly to—avoiding partner and affiliate sites that didn’t provide the same DVF brand...

Case Study
Astra Aviva Customer Innovation Story

Astra Life improves reporting with Infor SunSystems and gains greater insights with Infor d/EPM

Retail Masterbuilders

Imagine you had all the tools, talent, and time to build a retail business from the ground up. What would you do? In this eBook, we explore what it takes to build (or rebuild) a successful retail brand...

White Paper
Driving change in the financial services and insurance industries

Finance and insurance organizations are operating in a period of unprecedented transformation, delivering services against the background of constantly shifting goalposts. From managing growth and coping...

Governance in the Age of Data Discovery

The business intelligence market is undergoing another major evolution. Historically, the pendulum or climate of the category has traded off between centralized governance of data and the enablement...

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