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Case Study
Techtronic Industries enhances revenue and profitability with Infor Learning Management

Techtronic Industries (TTI) deployed Infor Learning Management to provide consistent, effective training to its entire worldwide team. Company executives attribute a sizable portion of TTI’s sustained...

Case Study
Caleres, Inc. improves retail employee retention rates

With Infor Talent Science, Caleres replaced fewer employees and realized significant savings by reducing turnover-related costs associated with the hiring process, training expenses, and number of days...

Case Study
Dab Pumps: Customer Innovation Study

By eliminating bottlenecks and manual processes using Infor LN and Infor ION, Dab Pumps is providing its products to its customers in local markets within 5 hours—a nearly 80% reduction to the previous...

White Paper
Can social learning succeed alongside a Learning Management System

Does the success of social learning mean the demise of the LMS? Is social learning just a fad? These are questions that must be answered in a socially connected world. L&D solutions that do not...

White Paper
Five challenges for L&D

Corporations find themselves at a turning point for learning and development. From being the department for training, it now is transitioning to become the place that helps learning happen faster, and...

White Paper
Choosing an enterprise Learning Management System

When considering the purchase of an enterprise LMS, the buying decision should include discussions on two intangibles that are often overlooked. First, the way a vendor supports the client after purchase...

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