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Case Study
Crescent Bahuman ensures timely funding

The Infor Nexus Supply Chain Finance Early Payment Program delivers.

Case Study
Future Supply Chains Solutions Ltd

With a range of warehouses operated on a labor-intensive and manpower-dependent model, Future Supply Chains found it extremely difficult to keep track of inventory and manage additional storage. By...

Case Study
Kempinski Hotels SA

Kempinski Hotels empowers employees and drives strategy through better reporting with Infor d/EPM hosted in the cloud.

White Paper
Cyber attack best practices for organizations after a data breach

When it comes to cyberattacks, the sentiment across industries is not if a data breach will occur, but rather, when. Preventative cybersecurity measures in place notwithstanding, how should organizations...

White Paper
Cybersecurity and Cybercrime— What every business and technology leader should know

Cybercrime is a rising and evolving threat to legitimate business across multiple industries. What are the current trends that affect data security and how effective current measures really are as attacks...

White Paper
IDC—Retail Insights with AI

Product intelligence drives successful experiential retail strategy.

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