Workforce Scheduling

Maximise workforce efficiency with a vertically specialised solution
Workforce scheduling

Ensure peak workforce utilisation while reducing labor costs

Create shift- or demand-driven schedules, while adhering to complex labor rules and regulations, with Infor® Workforce Scheduling. This employee scheduling software solution is enterprise grade and purpose built with vertically specialised capabilities that are designed to meet specific industries’ unique and evolving requirements.

Key capabilities

Multi-view scheduler (MVS)

Meet today’s complex scheduling needs with a robust industry-specific scheduling tool

Central staffing

Manage and streamline day-to-day scheduling operations with cross-team and staff-floating capabilities

Labor forecast and schedule optimisation (LFSO)

Take a data-driven, scientifically optimised approach to schedule generation

Fair scheduling

Ensure compliance with fair scheduling laws

Shift billboard

Empower employees to take ownership of their schedules

Schedule auto-assignment

Manage optimal schedule coverage, while maximizing workforce productivity

“Our team members have one place to go now for all systems and are completely mobile. The fact that most of our implementation is available via mobile—priceless.”
Multi view schedule

Multi-view scheduler (MVS)

MVS provides tools for describing labor demand, schedule planning, and managing day-to-day schedule changes, including unplanned absences. Employees are empowered to participate in various phases of schedule planning and execution through self-scheduling and time-off management.

  • Take advantage of rotation schedule planning
  • Enable on-call shift management
  • Allow managers to modify schedules or fill unexpected gaps as they happen
  • Track schedule changes with a comprehensive audit history
Central staffing

Central staffing

Central Staffing provides a high-level view of schedules for multiple teams within an organisation. It is designed to help manage immediate schedule needs, such as unexpected absences or increases in labor demands, by identifying coverage fluctuations and reallocating staff accordingly.

  • Experience a daily tactical operational center
  • Monitor coverage details and KPI allow for fact-based decision-making
  • Leverage an efficient workforce redeployment with extensive floating capability
  • Take advantage of contextual shift transactions for easy schedule management

Labor forecast and schedule optimisation (LFSO)

Solve your most challenging workforce scheduling challenges using machine-language and mathematical models. The models consider all potential variables that affect your business in real time to consistently create optimised schedules.

  • Enable employees to indicate availability to ensure optimal work-life balance
  • Allow managers to modify schedules or fill unexpected gaps as they happen, using email or their mobile device
  • Create schedules that are fully compliant with union rules, government regulations, and corporate policies
  • Distribute optimised schedules over the Internet, intranet, employee kiosks, or mobile devices
Fair scheduling

Fair scheduling

The fair scheduling module is designed to help organisations satisfy the legal requirements of fair scheduling (schedule predictability) laws. These laws govern how employees are reimbursed for last-minute schedule changes.

  • Capture incidents when schedules are modified within a specified time threshold
  • Indicate why individual changes were made, and when the employee was notified
  • Pay employees-mandated premiums when required

Shift billboard

Shift billboard encourages employee engagement, by allowing them to actively participate in building their own work schedules. Managers can easily reduce understaffing by posting open shifts for employees to claim. Employees can post their own shifts for better control of their work-life balance.

  • Route schedule compliance violations for approval to provide oversight
  • Decrease no call/no show incidences
  • Reduce ah-hoc requests to managers
  • Increase employee satisfaction
Auto assignment

Scheduling auto assignment

Using a mathematical optimisation model the auto assignment engine can produce the best possible schedule based on the parameters of a given schedule problem.

  • Save time and leverage industry flexibility
  • Compatible with multi-view scheduler (MVS) and labor forecast and schedule optimisation (LFSO)
  • Create optimal scheduler coverage
  • Reduce staff costs

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