5 questions to Jason Floyd

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July 3, 2020

What’s your favourite quote in times like these?

This Too Shall Pass

What is something positive that you have learned from the current challenge?

That despite a global pandemic, society adapts to keep moving forward even in a “new normal.” My own team here at Infor, even while faced with a reduced business climate and forced to work from home continue to think of ways to innovate our solutions to help our customers with dealing with the challenges in front of them and I could not be more proud of the hard work being done to aide in the recovery of the industry I have dedicated my life’s work to.

How have you been motivating yourself during this crisis?

Using the time to spend more quality moments with my family and catching up on personal projects that I never seemed to get done when I was frequently traveling.

What’s a new habit that you have picked up – apart from “Social Distancing?“

I have become addicted to making my own ice cream. Unfortunately that also means I am also consuming copious amounts of this fattening miracle of dairy perfection.

What particularly impresses you at the moment?

People fighting for injustice – globally, despite a viral pandemic that threatens their well-being, people of all diverse backgrounds are taking the streets by the thousands, worldwide, and making a statement to the planet that humanity can no longer tolerate social inequality and injustice.

Jason Floyd

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