Business Data, PMS, and Connecting with the Modern Hotel and Casino Guest

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October 13, 2020

It is a given now that business data is the lifeblood of any industry, which is no less true for hotels and casinos. Vital to the hospitality industry is the idea of an ongoing relationship with guests to extend the lifetime value of guests and players to the organization. An advanced hotel and casino property management solution helps to tie operations together to ensure efficiency. Hotel PMS is also in place to create that superior guest experience to encourage that value.

To do that efficiently, organizations have to know who their guests really are. Further, they have to have some idea of the journey that guests take when they engage with a location, and what their common behaviors are once they’re on that journey. From there, hotels and casinos get a clearer picture of who the ideal guest really is, and what they expect of a great guest experience. Where does a robust and scalable platform for clearer insights on business data play into this? Let’s take a look.

Tracking the guest journey to find out who they really are

The ideal state for leading hotels and casinos is a clear sense of continuity for the guest between gaming experiences, events, and lodging services. Historically speaking and behind the scenes using legacy technology, this has involved making connections between sometimes disparate systems to manage these stages in the guest journey in very fragmented ways. Within that, the picture of who the guest really is also tends to be fragmented. Therefore, the way organizations serve those guests tended to follow suit, resulting in a less than ideal guest experience, or at least one that didn’t realize the full potential on what it might have been. This is because in the end, the business is unable to find out who those guests really are – what their histories with the organization have been, what their activities while on the properties were, and what kinds of activities, services, amenities were of most interest to them.

With modern hotel PMS deployed in the cloud and that connects with systems across multiple locations, organizations are better positioned to find out more about their guests and make that information accessible in all locations. Further, the technology is designed to integrate with third-party gaming systems to help to reduce fragmentation, making sure that the organization gets the full picture of who their guests are in both the casino and the hotel. Perhaps most importantly, advanced hospitality technology solutions help them to better determine who their ideal guests and players are, to help them improve communications, craft more targeted selling strategies, and create incentives via personalization and a greater sense of seamlessness for the guest.

Matching activities and preferences with personalized services

A big part of that seamlessness and greater continuity between one part of a property and another is matching guest activities in while in a property with the kinds of services that are offered to them in response. A systemic platform to manage this kind of data in detail is essential to making the guest feel like their experience on the casino floor is expressed in their experience when seeking a room at the hotel. The casino gaming system, the player bank, and hotel PMS all play a role in making sure that happens. Importantly, so does a common platform on which all those elements are included in one place.

Leading hotels and casino organizations have invested in a centralized platform that brings all of those components into a common ecosystem for their business data across all major systems. Using their data, they’re able to find out who they’re ideal guest is, who their top players are, and how to make sure that the services they render are in line with those vital factors. This is the best way to produce the superior guest experience that keeps these high-value guests coming back for the long term. This is the way that hotel and casinos will stay resilient, using their data to continue to develop relationships with these guests even during periods of downturn.

Establishing a platform for success

A big takeaway to this discussion is all about unity and creating a single source of truth across all locations, brands, and sub-brands, wherever applicable. Whatever the structure of the business, it’s this centralized, digitalized, and integrated environment where industry leaders are gathering business intelligence, competitive traction, and long-term resilience.

In our current era, staying resilient to meet the challenges of the coming decade is on the agenda of many in the hospitality industry. To address some of the larger issues, we’ve created an extensive resource to address the areas that will help hotels, resorts, and casinos to do just that in these uncertain times and as we journey into the 2020s.

Get your copy of that resource here.

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