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Emerging technologies take the lead in distribution

May 23, 2023By Will Quinn | Industry Principal Sales Director

Technologies such as robotics and automation, AI and more are forecasted to upend the distribution industry in 2023.

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Unleashing manufacturing’s potential with Infor industry ERP

May 4, 2023
Manufacturing organizations aim for operational excellence. This blog explores Infor's industry-specific ERP solutions with purpose-built capabilities.
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  • Manufacturing
  • ERP
  • Technology

Streamlining the manufacturing supply chain: Four tips for boosting efficiency

April 26, 2023By Andrew Kinder, Senior Vice President, Industry Strategy
Learn how to boost efficiency in your manufacturing supply chain with four tips outlined in an Infor blog, including how technology can help supply chains.
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  • Technology
  • Supply Chain

Building a Sustainable Future: How Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Business Networks Can Drive ESG Progress

April 21, 2023By Heidi Benko, VP of Product, Infor Nexus™

The ESG Imperative Over the past few years, the focus on supply chains has been centered around the disruptions and challenges that companies face in running them efficiently. With port congestion, factory shutdowns, and geopolitical events creating chaos, supply chain leaders realized the urgent need to digitalize and improve their processes for increased agility and resiliency. However, as these challenges continue to persist and become the new norm, the focus has shifted to the...

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  • Supply Chain

Rethinking your global sourcing in a fast-changing world

April 3, 2023By Vincent Barnes, Infor Nexus VP of Strategy EMEA
Learn how Infor Nexus can help brands make informed decisions about their supply chain and production processes, ensuring that they are optimizing their operations and minimizing risks.
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  • Supply Chain

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