CloudSuite™ Automotive

An automotive components manufacturer needed a highly configurable ERP. CloudSuite delivered.*
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A flexible system for auto suppliers

A manufacturer of brake discs, connecting rods, wheel hubs, and other automotive parts needed a system tailored for industry business processes and able to integrate with not only legacy systems, but also with pre-configured interfaces to its customers and suppliers.

*Case study described on this page is based on a real Infor implementation.

An always-on automotive ERP

CloudSuite Automotive offered the continuous accessibility and out-of-the-box functionality to support the company's outsourcing of production, development of new entities, and joint venture formation.

accessibility, guaranteed by the Infor Cloud, supports the company's global operations
in company turnover supported by integrated ERP's out-of-the box functionality
employees can now rely upon a single source of the truth, having eliminated data silos created by legacy systems
We see that there are a lot of possible improvements and supporting functionality in Infor CloudSuite Automotive that we will continue to explore and gain benefits from in the years to come.

Modernise, innovate, and drive competitive differentiation

Aggressive schedules, globalisation, cost challenges, and increasingly complex components require a more agile and modern business solution. CloudSuite Automotive provides a comprehensive suite of industry-proven automotive solutions, including a core ERP combined with high-value extension applications.




Quality and production

  • Shop-floor scheduling & lean production tools
  • OEM & complex regulatory compliance
  • Program management

Supply chain visibility

  • Advanced procurement tools
  • Raw materials sourcing for lower costs
  • Faster product delivery

Planning and inventory

  • Scheduling for all processes, MMOG requirements
  • High-volume production management

Customer relationship management

  • A 360° customer view with OEM profiles
  • Detailed transaction tracking tools