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Infor Hospitality Price Optimizer

A cloud-based, omni-channel solution that allows hotels to set optimal room prices based on real-time data

Make data-driven, simultaneous, omni-channel pricing adjustments

Infor® Hospitality Price Optimizer is a cloud-based solution that uses real-time data to set optimal hotel room pricing across all channels simultaneously. Multiple times per day, diverse streams of incoming, real-time data in draw from real-world factors from the hospitality industry; rates are optimized; and pricing adjustments are automatically pushed out to all relevant distribution channels at the same time. The solution also includes an innovative pricing simulator that allows hotel management to test pricing scenarios before changes go live. This all adds up to a simple and data-driven way to intelligently set hotel pricing that’s informed, dynamic, and time-sensitive.


  • Smart, real-time pricing decisions made simple
  • Quick implementation and out-of-the-box value
  • Intuitive design for users of all skill levels
  • Simultaneous changes across multiple distribution channels
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Coleman™ AI integration

Consistent clarity and strategic insight

Using up-to-the-minute, real-world factors to drive intraday pricing decisions can not only enhance a hotel’s competitive edge, but by ensuring that data strategically supports its decisions, it can also improve the organization's bottom line.


average revenue increase


calculations per day to ensure optimal prices and channels


second delay for rate adjustment calculations

Infor Hospitality Price Optimizer automates pricing multiple times a day based on up-to-the-minute market data. All the while, staff can concentrate on the best possible guest experience. In this, Infor HPO helps organizations strike an essential balance; the right price matched with the highest quality products and services.

Paprika Le Bourgeois
Director, Support Operations, Infor

Set optimal hotel room pricing across all channels simultaneously

Hospitality Price Optimizer helps increase visibility into all the factors that affect prices—such as market demand, competitor information, discounts, and more. With that information, hotels can set the right price at the right time in the right channel with greater confidence.

Real-time, informed pricing decisions

  • Transparent pricing decisions based on internal data and competitor rates
  • Discounted price decisions
  • Simulation features for testing pricing scenarios

Smart, competitive analysis

  • Competitor set optimally and automatically defined by Hospitality Price Optimizer
  • Pricing determined by measuring comparable factors, such as star rating, hotel type, and distance
  • Leader and follower evaluation

Automated price updates to multiple distribution channels

  • Appropriate channel decisions based on cost and demand
  • Simultaneous updates across all channels in real time

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  • Infor CloudSuite™ Financials
  • SunSystems®
  • Infor Sales & Catering
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