Supply Chain Planning

End-to-end planning to drive growth, while optimizing service in Supply Chain Planning

Optimize inventory and performance

Infor Supply Chain Planning (SCP) balances supply and demand through modular applications to tackle key areas of complexity, while making use of a shared, powerful, end-to-end platform. Businesses can tap into solutions for Demand Planning and Sensing, Supply Planning, Production Planning and Scheduling, Inventory Optimization, and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). Together, these optimize inventory, service, and performance.

With mountains of data, fluctuating variables, and unavoidable constraints, supply chain planning is no simple feat. Infor SCP synchronizes the supply chain, helping companies make informed decisions, smarter and faster.


  • Production, supply, and replenishment planning
  • Advanced algorithmic constraint-based modeling
  • Configurable scenario and segmentation analyses
  • End-to-end response planning to operationalize results
  • Intuitive UX and embedded collaboration

Features & Benefits

Demand planning to assess impact

A library of algorithmic techniques captures patterns, from seasonality and intermittent sales to new products and super sessions. Self-tuning as new data becomes available, the system can be configured to meet a business' needs, helping to assess bottom-line impact.

Supply and replenishment planning

Effectively responding to demand requires a comprehensive assessment of the living supply chain. Infor SCP adapts to evolving requirements to help businesses work across sites, balance assortment and profitability, capture shelf-life constraints, and identify the optimal use of assets.

Product planning and scheduling

Identify the best use of assets and supply. Infor SCP helps companies optimize plans by weighing cost, revenue, priorities, and time while coordinating across sites, lines, and processes. The resulting plans deliver improvements in throughput, profit, and service.

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