Scaling quality of care while reducing costs with integrated AI

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Infor helps hospital staff find the right product at the right time, saving time and money


As a primary healthcare provider in one of the fastest-growing U.S. cities, Bozeman Health is challenged to quickly expand its patient care and services without negatively impacting quality of care and increasing costs.   In less than 30 days Infor successfully integrated AI into key processes so that Bozeman is more efficient and accurate to meet demands, and make smarter decisions for supply, vendor and warehouse management.  These improvements allow Bozeman to stay true to its mission in keeping patient care high at the lowest cost possible.

AI driven vendor management automatically identifies the right supplier, resulting in better patient care while reducing costs.

  • Smarter vendor selection by ranking suppliers by 3 industry benchmarks- 10% of vendors were identified as suppliers not performing
  • 90% faster vendor selection: From 30 minutes to 3 min with on-demand access to vendor performance
  • 100% compliant with automatic verification of vendors against the OIG Exclusion database
  • Save money with better negotiating power with underperforming suppliers
  • Improve patient care when selecting vendor that delivers the right inventory at the right time

AI driven digital assistant provides answers to employee questions in seconds, improving productivity.

  • AI driven smart picking optimizes item mix placement, improving productivity for employees and robots
  • Less than 30 days of effort
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