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Infor Nexus™ Transportation Management is a global, multimodal transportation visibility and planning platform— offering control tower orchestration with network benefits. The solution combines international logistics with advanced, domestic transport functionality. Covering transportation sourcing, planning, and execution, Infor® Nexus Transportation Management delivers end-to-end freight spend control and multi-party transportation orchestration. Organizations can synchronize transport planning across regional divisions and business units, 3PLs and existing TMS systems to make their global transportation activities a competitive differentiator, not just a cost center.

Nexus connects us with our transport service providers, and allows everyone to see and act on a common set of shared rate information and related transactions in the cloud.”

A better global logistics strategy

Infor Nexus Transportation Management delivers powerful supply chain and transportation visibility with global planning, optimization, and performance management across multimodal, multi-leg, multi-stop product journeys.

As part of the Infor Nexus supply network , this collaborative supply chain platform captures the daily transport decisions made across business units, carriers, and 3PLs to drive continuous service improvement and total freight spend management in global enterprises.

Transport planning visibility

  • See transportation plans across multiple legs, modes, and service providers for agile response to exceptions.
  • Drive continuous improvement—compare actual execution details against optimized plans and costs.
  • Improve cost containment, 3PL, and carrier performance with intelligent itineraries and projected freight spend.

Universal, multimodal rating

  • Control freight spend with a centrally managed, multimodal rating engine populated directly from contracts.
  • Rate new shipments accurately at the time of tender or booking for valuable freight accruals.
  • Improve organizational and logistics partner compliance through an available API for rating as a web service.

Transportation planning and optimization

  • Consolidate and plan shipments beginning at origin and across multiple modes and geographies.
  • Optimize carrier selections and routing.
  • Automate common execution processes to grow without adding overhead.

Global transportation network control

More than a transportation control tower, Infor Nexus helps orchestrate carriers and service providers globally.

Transport planning visibility

  • Overcome internal and external business silos
  • Avoid rip-and-replace
  • Improve end-customer experience with better service
  • Control and contain global freight spend
  • Meet demand plans more reliably and cost effectively
  • Unlock greater agility

Booking and tendering

  • Tender or book shipments from load plans automatically.
  • Extend visibility and control with supplier-direct bookings at origin and automated ASN creation on the platform.
  • Leverage VGM compliance, customs documents, and more.

Freight pay and audit

  • Upgrade to best practices like self-pay/self-invoice with our FP&A module for closed-loop spend management.
  • Gain end-to-end cost projection and dynamic cost tracking for earlier insight to freight spending trends.
  • Track your freight spend, not just your shipments.

Multimodal transportation sourcing

  • Streamline transportation contract sourcing and spot bids to ensure critical capacity and contain global freight costs.
  • Run complex international freight bid events across ocean, air, and truckload with less labor and better outcomes.
  • Ensure the value your team has negotiated successfully transforms into value realized for the enterprise.

3PL flexibility

  • Work with 3PLs and forwarders across the globe but keep supply chain visibility and business data on one platform.
  • Focus on service and performance, measure partners objectively, and mitigate outsourcing risks.

Continuous transportation improvement

  • Gain critical insights about service provider performance, regional trends, excessive expediting, and detailed transportation lifecycles.
  • Improve performance and agile response to volatile market dynamics while still containing costs.

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