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Infor Hospitality core software solutions


Infor Hospitality core software solutions

Hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, and managed food services organizations know that a great guest experience is the key to success in the hospitality industry. But the definitions of what makes a guest experience great changes with the times. Businesses have to change along with it. Digital transformation, cloud technology, and the importance of unified business data to drive strategy has accelerated those changes.

What kinds of elements should your organization have in place to serve current business goals and also anticipate and scale for ones that are emerging?

Infor's suite of core hospitality software, integrated with each other and with other essential systems, helps hospitality organizations accomplish their goals in a new era of digitalization. In this brochure, you will find summaries of our key hospitality software solutions to help you connect the dots as needed to modernize on a singular and scalable hospitality platform. Find out more right here.

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