Logistics Management

Optimise inventory management, order fulfilment, and customer delivery
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Align logistics from warehouse to delivery

From local warehouse management to international transportation planning and execution, Infor® Logistics Management solutions help ensure that supply chain speed, accuracy, and costs are aligned to meet customer and market demand. Complete global visibility via the Infor Nexus network empowers organisations to improve operations efficiency within the four walls of the warehouse or across the global transportation network. Organisations can realise the lower operating costs that come from optimising fulfilment, customer experience, inventory management, and improvement in overall supply chain performance.



Cloud-based logistics management software


  • Ocean, air, truck, and parcel modes
  • Plan and optimise globally from origin
  • Multimode, multi-leg, and multi-stop
  • Advanced contract and rate management
  • Collaborate with forwarders and 3PLs

Visibility and Control

  • More reliable inventory availability projections
  • Greater supply chain velocity
  • Improved global fulfilment and service
  • Tracking from origin
  • Carrier and LSP performance analytics


  • Multi-owner, multi-facility WMS
  • Extended WMS functionality
  • Labor, Yard Visibility and 3PL Billing
  • Browser based, RF/mobile and voice enabled
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Cloud or On-Premise

Smoother operations and increased visibility

Our Logistics Management software solutions are purpose-built to deliver value. Warehouse management in the cloud (or on-premises) offers rich functionality without expensive customisation. Global transportation management and supply chain visibility with the Infor Nexus network connect trading and service partners for synchronised execution and deep visibility to the most complex multinational product and material flows.



picking improvement for leading South American sporting goods retailer
savings in total transportation spend for Caterpillar
in product loss averted due to network visibility capabilities for leading consumer goods manufacturer
We save millions in detention and demurrage.
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Logistics Management

Infor CloudSuite™ WMS

Infor CloudSuite WMS is an intuitive warehouse management solution to manage distribution center activities holistically—for one location or dozens. The combination of warehouse fulfilment with embedded labor management and 3D visual analysis offers a shorter learning curve and faster route to return on investment.

  • Streamline appointment scheduling, directed put-away, returns, cross-docking, and flow-through
  • Optimise fulfilment in multisite and multi-owner operations
  • Improve stock rotation and space utilisation through automated triggers
  • Incorporate voice, RF, e-commerce, kitting, and allocation requirements
  • Use innovative 3D visualisation of the warehouse
  • Accommodate personalised service requirements
  • Embed customer-level costing, billing, and invoicing
  • Deploy on-premises or in the cloud

Infor Nexus Transportation Management

Infor’s network transportation solution helps large enterprises manage complex international supply chain flows to optimise both freight spend and shipping performance. Go beyond conventional TMS limitations with true multi-leg, multimode, and multi-stop capability. Synchronize systems and service providers across modes and geographies for improved control, reliability, visibility, and customer delivery.

  • Perform multi-leg and multi-mode planning and optimisation
  • Gain real-time visibility—ocean, air, and road
  • Streamline shipment hand offs and execution
  • Centralize contract and rate management across modes
  • Improve freight accrual accuracy and spend control
  • Offset final mile spend increases with first mile efficiencies

Infor Nexus Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility on the Infor Nexus network provides real-time visibility and predictive insights to the status of inventory around the world—where it is, where it’s headed, when it will arrive, and how partners are performing. Support proactive decision-making to ensure organizations meet the most dynamic demand. Supply chain stakeholders across functions share one version of truth with a platform that holistically blends multiparty event updates with real-time tracking to deliver item-level visibility, tracking, and tracing from source to customer.

  • Track inventory in real time
  • Increase agility with predictive delivery forecasts
  • Reduce risk with product track and trace
  • Increase global supply chain velocity
  • Reduce container detention and demurrage
  • Improve order delivery and service

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