Infor Table Reservations Solution (TRS)

A comprehensive, reservation software solution for managing bookings, waitlists, seating, and service flow
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Achieve precision, reduce idle times, and enhance the guest experience

Table reservations software for restaurants and amenities booking platforms for hotels and leisure should be easy and efficient to use. They should remove friction and help create a welcoming atmosphere from the earliest stages of your guests’ journey. That means anything from easy, advance online bookings to accommodating guests who walk in without reservations. To succeed, your locations must adapt quickly to all these scenarios.


Infor Table and Reservations Solution (TRS) allows restaurants, hotel amenities, leisure venues, casinos, and other venues to simplify guest reservations and booking queries. You’ll be able to reduce wait times and errors, while efficiently managing walk-ins, call-aheads, and no-shows. Whatever the scenario, your organisation can easily match guests to available tables, amenities, and other assets via an intuitive and customizable timeline and floor plan. You’ll enhance the guest experience, making it more enjoyable for both staff and guests alike.

Multi-tenant cloud architecture

Grow the business with a stable and secure, AWS-based architecture

Visually based floor plans

Experience an attractive, intuitive, and tablet-friendly floor management UI

Flexible booking options

Support a variety of booking types (online, call-ahead, walk-in, etc.)

Accurate wait-time quotes

Accurately set guest expectations with precise queue scheduling

Efficient, SMS-based alerts

Provide convenient and courteous text prompts for better communication with guests

Dynamic, automated adjustments

Account for no-shows, overstays, and more via instant schedule updates
Infor has a friendly and dedicated team that truly cares about its customers. Infor is constantly coming out with new features and adapting to the lifestyle of the user base. The integrated events and reservations system helps us increase revenue because guests can book their parties and bowling lanes online. We have been customers for years and are excited about what the future has in store.
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Screenshot of Infor TRS restaurant table management software guest experience display.

Easy, guest list management

Empower service staff with an intuitive way to enhance the guest reservations and booking experience

  • Consolidate lists from a variety of booking sources (call-ahead, walk-in, online, etc.)
  • Offer online reservations, with no transaction fee
  • See information at-a-glance (party size, special requests, notes, etc.)
  • Provide precise wait-time information for walk-ins
  • Leverage text-based communication to keep guests informed as they wait on availability
Table management software restaurant UI of Inor TRS table management and staff scheduling integration

Accurate floor plans for a variety of spaces

Intuitively customize floor plans for multiple spaces

  • Experience an intuitive UI that visually represents dining areas, leisure spaces, gyms, pool, spas, and more
  • Use custom colour-coding to match status for each asset
  • Leverage an interactive UI with resizable and rotatable graphics
  • Utilise real-time, on-screen metrics to mark service duration
  • Make training easy, and smooth the reservations and booking processes via a stylized layout at-a-glance
screenshot of Infor TRS table management and staff scheduling integration

Precise schedule management

Place everything needed for great service and a superior guest experience on a precise, inclusive, and accessible timeline

  • Ensure a start-to-finish process for each booking—from host to servers to guests to cleaning staff
  • Utilise an efficient scheduling system that’s customizable to specific property assets and spaces
  • Use automated adjustments in real time for early leaving, overstays, and no-shows
  • Continuously monitor service activity
  • Better manage server rotation against booking volumes
Screenshot of Infor TRS table management analytics dashboard

In-depth analysis and reporting capabilities

Identify and examine key data points to help measure performance and inform strategy

  • Easily monitor turn rates, guests awaiting service, service completion, and asset idle times
  • Efficiently monitor service staff (active covers, total covers, bus-to-clear times, etc.)
  • Leverage comprehensive customer data for marketing, recognition, and building loyalty
  • Inform overall service strategies via shareable reports across multiple locations
  • Use a data-driven foundation to set company-wide KPIs around reservations and amenities bookings

Productivity by the numbers

The Melting Pot restaurant saw tangible results:
increase in table turns
increase in returning guest preference tracking
disconnects between table status changes and point of sale

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