Infor Learning Management

Infor Learning Management

Human Capital Management

The most complete learning solution for the enterprise

Infor Learning Management is the most robust end-to-end solution on the market for creating, delivering, and reporting on learning throughout your internal and extended organization. It accelerates the rate at which you can help employees achieve their full potential by improving productivity, enhancing compliance, and contributing directly to the success of your enterprise.

Offering global deployment on all mobile platforms,
Infor Learning Management is suited for every organization that desires to capture, convey, and expand its workforce's knowledge.

Infor Learning Management at a glance

  • Advanced certification and compliance
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Social collaboration and community learning features
  • Learning content management and creation
  • Supports classroom, virtual, online, and mobile access
  • Available in 35+ languages

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Unique capabilities

Infor Learning Management is one of several strategic and core applications that comprise the Infor Human Capital Management system. Winner of the Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Advance in Learning Management, this easy-to-use, rapid-to-deploy, and cost effective platform delivers rich training, with far-reaching results.

Anywhere/anytime access

No matter how large or spread out your organization is,
Infor Learning Management enables you to swiftly address knowledge transfer challenges. It natively encompasses all aspects of the learning process, including classroom, virtual, online, mobile, and social learning. Remote workers can take advantage of learning materials just as easily as employees who are behind the corporate firewall. 

Fast, effective, and efficient

This dynamic learning platform allows you to quickly create, deliver, manage, and track learning through a single solution.
With Infor Learning Management, you can transform SMEs into content authors who can publish, update, and localize effective and engaging media-rich proprietary eLearning content more efficiently.

Extensible learning

By leveraging the platform's flexible architecture combined with its integrated learning content management system, organizations can share
Infor Learning Management with external as well as internal users. Easily set up multiple domains, each with their own branding, user experiences, or business rules—and modify content for the respective audience.

Real-time insights

The rich reporting features in
Infor Learning Management offer insight, not only on how often and well your intended learning audience takes advantage of the training materials you offer, but on how training impacts your business. It also helps track course completion and content mastery, so that you know who has learned which material effectively.


Infor Learning Management has allowed us to directly contribute tens of millions of dollars in revenue to the company, but I personally feel that the single greatest impact is the training department's ability to help every employee to do their job better and with greater satisfaction.

Matt DeFeo Sr. Vice President of Sales, Training, and Recruiting, Techtronic Industries Company Ltd.
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Highlights and core functionality

Enterprise-wide learning

Provides a multilingual, global learning platform to manage geographically dispersed learner populations from a single, scalable interface while standardizing the quality of learning across all locations. Enables strategic business-led learning across the extended enterprise to support strategic goals and revenue-generating activities.

Anywhere/anytime access

Single platform manages formal and informal learning, including classroom, virtual, online, and mobile as well as collaboration, networking, and sharing to reduce training time and costs and allow for more focus on the core business.

Brand standardization/reinforcement

Drives revenue and customer satisfaction with a more knowledgeable customer-facing workforce. Enhances and maintains consistency in brand messaging across distribution channels by extending standardized learning inside and outside the organization.

Social and mobile optimization

Seamlessly integrates mobile and social learning to optimize knowledge-based human performance to meet the expectations of today's workforce.

Certification and compliance

Manages mandatory certifications and required training to increase employee, customer, and client safety and reduce non-compliance liability.

Learning flexibility

Supports e-commerce capabilities that allow learners to purchase online courses, instructor-led training, and learning materials via a credit card or an account. Allows for easy personalization of learning tracks, content, branding, and deployment options for each learner, both inside and outside the organization.

Infor Learning Management: Meeting the demands of your industry

Infor Learning Management sets the standard for the fast and efficient transfer of knowledge to sales, distribution, and support channels at more than 1,300 organizations in 80 countries worldwide.


To keep pace with the dynamic nature of healthcare legislation, Infor Learning Management helps ensure that all members of your extended care delivery team—whether they are within or outside your organization—have the right learning opportunities to be highly effective in their roles and deliver the highest quality of care.

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  • Create just-in-time mechanism for sharing best practices
  • Involve patients and community in their own care to improve outcomes and overall health
  • Identify skills gaps to focus development dollars and efforts


  • Lutheran HealthCare
  • University of Colorado Health

Public Sector

The public sector is facing massive change: new workforce demographics; dynamic requirements for skills and knowledge; a globalized environment; rapid growth; and changing technology. As a result, public sector organizations are under extreme pressure to ensure they have a knowledgeable, efficient, and educated workforce.

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  • Improve citizen satisfaction by making your workforce more knowledgeable
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory training
  • Increase efficiency of training; do more with fewer resources


  • The United Nations
  • Metropolitan Airport Commission (MAC)


In order to remain competitive, retailers are launching an increased number of products and services. At the same time, technology is increasing the complexity of products offered in the market. As a result, there is a greater need to provide quick, effective, and efficient product training for customer-facing staff.

Learn more about Infor solutions for retail ›


  • Enhance and maintain consistent brand messaging
  • Increase speed-to-productivity for new hires
  • Speed knowledge transfer to support shorter shelf lives of products and promotions and increased volume of products and services
  • Maximize efficiency of sales reps interacting with knowledgeable customers


  • Sonic
  • Spencer's Gifts


The manufacturing industry faces tremendous pressure in today's marketplace. The most significant challenges include global competition; under-skilled workforce; rising costs; varying consumer needs; and increased government regulations. Effective, efficient training has the ability to positively impact each of these challenging areas. 

Learn more about Infor solutions for manufacturing ›


  • Leverage proprietary knowledge for competitive advantage
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory training
  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Increase speed-to-productivity for new hires
  • Reduce skills gap by providing targeted training


  • Omron
  • Agrekko
  • TTI


High turnover, difficult recruitment, reduced retention, and low morale are typical plights of many hospitality organizations. Quality training can help address these challenges head-on, as well as establish a foundation on which to build world-class, customer-focused practices.

Learn more about Infor solutions for hospitality ›


  • Reduce training time and costs
  • Increase retention and reduce turnover by investing in employee development
  • Increase speed-to-productivity for new hires
  • Strengthen the brand by ensuring consistent customer experiences


  • Sun Intl
  • Pechanga
  • Hershey


Globalization, changing technologies, environmentalism, and increased competition are among the many challenges facing the automotive industry today. Optimized training throughout the internal and extended enterprise is one key approach that can help set up automotive companies for future success.

Learn more about Infor solutions for automotive ›


  • Accelerate new product introductions
  • Maximize efficiency of employees interacting with knowledgeable customers
  • Shrink skills gap with targeted training
  • Develop leaders to drive a high-performing organization


  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Subaru

Techtronic Industries

Read why Techtronic Industries Company Ltd. (TTI) attributes a significant portion of its sustained double-digit growth to the effectiveness of Infor Learning Management.

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