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Manage your product lifecycle for the discrete, process, or fashion industry

Infor’s product lifecycle management (PLM) software from Infor® leverages data across a manufacturer’s enterprise to foster better decision making, from development and design to management and production. Infor’s PLM solutions go beyond accelerating time to market, integrating with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to provide real-time, actionable data and help optimize every step of the product lifecycle.

Unlock opportunities for today's enterprise

PLM for Process

A cloud-based PLM solution specifically designed for process manufacturers that seamlessly integrates to ERP, CRM, and LIMS business systems.

PLM for Fashion

A cloud-based PLM solution for product planning, design, and supplier collaboration.

PLM Discrete

A comprehensive PLM solution that seamlessly integrates with ERP and CAD systems.

Speed to market is very important to us. We’re in a highly competitive industry, so we’re constantly looking for the next big thing. And our timelines are constantly shrinking. Infor PLM for Process makes it easier and faster for KDP to go to market with new products.

Customer success

Reckitt Benckiser (RB), a British multinational consumer goods company, adopts modern PLM capabilities using Infor PLM for Process to boost global safety and compliance and get one version of the truth about its products—from development to manufacturing.

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Infor PLM for Process

Reduce the amount of time needed to develop and manage new and reformulated products.

  • Unify data and processes across the enterprise
  • Develop and launch new products faster
  • Ensure 100% global labeling compliance
  • Utilize collaborative project management
  • Improve formula optimization

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Infor PLM for Fashion

Seamlessly link vital areas of the fashion value chain to their business processes—from line planning, design, and development to supply chain sourcing and in-season consumer-driven design changes.

  • Mass creation and updating of material and requests
  • Real-time data from contextual panes
  • Adobe plug-in to create new styles quickly
  • Serves apparel, footwear, accessories, textiles, and luxury goods
  • Accelerate innovation with collaboration and synchronized operations in the cloud

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PLM Discrete

Empower employees, suppliers, and partners to get products to market faster, improve design efficiency, and lower the cost of new product introductions.

  • PLM management for MTO, CTO, ATO, and project-based businesses
  • Out-of-the-box interoperability with ERP, CAD, and manufacturing systems
  • Real-time reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Automated workflows
  • Role-driven retrieval and information reuse

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Productivity by the numbers

End-to-end PLM software for innovation and collaboration


enterprise grade multi-tenant cloud PLM solution for the fashion market


reduction in time it takes to create a product’s nutrition label


version of the truth established across ERP and CAD systems

Infor OS

A robust cloud operating platform for accelerating innovation throughout the enterprise ecosystem

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