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Connecting supply chain partners with a single source of truth
Order Collaboration

Real-time supply chain visibility and insight

Infor Nexus™ is the world’s leading business network for multi-enterprise supply chain orchestration and optimization—connecting businesses to the entire supply chain for enhanced supply chain visibility, collaboration, and predictive intelligence. With advanced planning, execution, and finance capabilities, businesses can intelligently sense and respond to supply chain activities in real time.



Supply chain visibility

Leverage predictive intelligence for proactive sense and response

Supplier collaboration

Enable interoperability across multiple vendor systems of record

Data quality management

Rely on a single version of truth across all supply chain partners

Data quality management

Conduct global shipment planning and optimization from origin

Innovative financing

Strengthen the supply chain and improve working capital

Intelligent control

Continually monitor demand and supply signals in real time
Infor Nexus allows everyone to see and act on a common set of shared rate information and related transactions in the cloud.”
Electrolux Global Logistics quote

Delivering value for customers across industries

Transportation Management

Infor Nexus Transportation Management

Manage complex international supply chain flows to optimize both freight spend and shipping performance. Synchronize systems and service providers across modes and geographies for improved control, reliability, visibility, and customer delivery.

  • Perform multi-leg, multimode planning, and optimization
  • Leverage real-time visibility—ocean, air, and road
  • Streamline shipment handoffs and execution
  • Centralize contract and rate management across modes
  • Improve freight accrual accuracy and spend control


Order Collaboration

Infor Nexus Supply Management

Gain greater visibility, agility, and control of supply to meet today’s dynamic demand. Assure supply, improve on-time delivery, and boost service levels, while simultaneously reducing lead times, costs, and inventory throughout the supply chain.

  • Optimize multiparty and multitier forecasting and order collaboration
  • Apply direct-ship and cross-dock through supplier pack-and-ship automation
  • Leverage multitier inventory visibility
  • Predict stock-outs and supply shortages via proactive alerts
  • Use predictive delivery dates to improve customer service


Nexus supply chain visibility

Infor Nexus Supply Chain Visibility

Gain real-time visibility and predictive insights to the status of inventory around the world. Support proactive decision-making to ensure organizations meet the most dynamic demand.

  • Track inventory in near real time
  • Increase agility with predictive delivery forecasts
  • Decrease risk with product track and trace
  • Reduce container detention and demurrage
  • Improve order delivery and service


Control center

Infor Nexus Control Center

Get a high-fidelity picture of in-process flows of products, materials, orders, demand, and capital across the extended supply chain network with predictive and prescriptive insights. Leverage the combined power of Infor Nexus and advanced data science to interpret and respond to dynamic signals.

  • Access a global view of end-to-end supply chain flows
  • Identify the most pressing supply chain issues and opportunities
  • Gain in-context intelligence plus predictive and prescriptive insights on issues and resolution paths
  • Utilize in-application collaboration and execution for faster, coordinated responses


Supply Chain finance

Infor Nexus Supply Chain Finance

Improve visibility, cash flow, supplier relationships, and the overall health of the supply chain via touchless invoice processing, payable and payment management, and integrated supply chain finance programs.

  • Automate invoice processing and approval
  • Improve working capital with innovative finance programs
  • Optimize discount programs with earlier invoice approval
  • Automate chargebacks and claims processes
  • Leverage trading company and buy-sell model automation


Procure to pay automation

Infor Nexus Procure-to-Pay Automation

Streamline the procure-to-pay process and create a single version of the truth across systems. Automate document creation, order management, and collaboration to generate cleaner, more compliant transactions, reduce costs, and improve supplier performance.

  • Optimize global partner onboarding and support
  • Utilize end-to-end automation—including payment
  • Automate document matching and invoice approval
  • Integrate chargeback management
  • Tap into a community of logistics and financial service providers


Productivity by the numbers

companies on the network
$1 trillion
in trade managed on the platform
$50 billion
global payments processed on the network

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