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Healthcare-specific ERP for better operations and outcomes

Hospital and healthcare systems need more than the traditional ERP. With a comprehensive healthcare solution, organizations can enable an evidence-based approach by providing access to real-time data across the enterprise.

By connecting the business of healthcare with the mission of healthcare, institutions can enhance the experience for staff to simplify patient interactions, while providing insights and a sense of empowerment and control.

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Infor President & CTO, Soma Somasundaram, shares healthcare product innovations designed to address nurse burnout, including automation and persona-based workspaces, and a new clinical science feature that leverages data to improve nurse-patient assignments.
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Product Release Highlights

Infor® CloudSuite™ healthcare systems can improve their operational health and population health.

To fulfill their mission, hospitals need to modernize operations and ensure compliance while navigating labor shortages. Infor CloudSuite Healthcare is purpose-built to enable health systems to redesign workflows to be more efficient, resilient, and ensure staff and patient safety, allowing customers to focus on delivering great patient care.


Build resilient operations and supply chains

Global supply chain shortages, inefficient operations, and compliance issues continue to disrupt the healthcare space, creating unnecessary risk and impeding timely care delivery. Infor CloudSuite Healthcare improves customers’ visibility into financial health, in-stock inventory, staffing and supply chains, allowing customers to respond with agility in ever-changing healthcare environments.  Infor CloudSuite Healthcare helps stabilize healthcare systems’ operational vital signs to enable agile decision-making. By bringing together end-to-end processes from supply chain, finance, payroll and staffing in one central platform, Infor CloudSuite Healthcare enables precise planning that ultimately reduces unnecessary waste and costs. 

In an E.R., supply chain challenges result not only in costly waste, but also in precious minutes spent sifting through closets rather than administering life-saving care. By combining greater financial and supply chain visibility, CloudSuite Healthcare leverages AI so nurses can provide the best care at the right moment with the supplies needed while containing costs. After adopting Infor, healthcare organizations have experienced an 80-90% reduction in time spent locating critical supplies and have saved $1M in freight costs alone.


AI ensures OIG compliance: Ensuring your organization does not do business with bad actors is an ongoing threat and administrative burden for healthcare providers of all sizes. After adopting Infor CloudSuite Healthcare, customers have been able to select safe vendors in under 3 minutes – 90% faster than pre-implementation – allowing for more efficient delivery of compliant, best-in-class care. Using Infor OS and Infor Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Infor CloudSuite now automates the critical steps to validate vendors are not flagged for exclusion by the US. Office of Inspector General (OIG). 

Manage capitated pricing programs for surgical implants: Navigate the complexities of value-based care and ensure sustainable margins by creating implant pricing contracts to streamline and process procedural implants via “construct” bundles that flow normally through Finance and Supply Management (FSM) requisitioning and purchase workflows.

Clinical API gateway: Infor can enable modern, real-time responsive clinical workflows with legacy systems building on IFOR, Infor FHIR Server and Infor OS API Gateway. Once legacy clinical data has been converted and stored in modern formats compatible with AI/ML, the Infor OS API Gateway allows data in and out through secure and scalable RESTful APIs. This combined technology allows our customers to build modern real-time workflows to improve patient care without being limited to APIs provided by a particular clinical system vendor.


Redesign work, optimize care delivery

Amid rising healthcare costs and provider burnout, improving patient outcomes and reducing administrative waste is paramount. Infor CloudSuite Healthcare uncovers opportunities to streamline operations using administrative and clinical data to support care delivery, paving the way for improved patient outcomes. Infor CloudSuite Healthcare allows for oversight into an organization’s inventory, labor, financial and clinical data via a single platform, providing data-powered insights to allow clinical staff to prioritize time with patients.  

CloudSuite Healthcare’s comprehensive capabilities enable organizations to streamline workflows, reduce reporting needs, and simplify day-to-day activities for staff, allowing clinical staff more time and space to spend meaningful time delivering best-in-class care to their patients. After adopting Infor, one healthcare organization streamlined scheduling and time keeping for 30,000 associates organization-wide, all with one solution and access to a single platform, optimizing care delivery with data-driven insights.


AI nurse-patient assignment: Infor ensures continuity of care with automated nurse-patient assignments. Healthcare customers with Clinical Science integrated with their Electronic Health Record (EHR) can use patient care data to automatically balance staff workloads. With Infor Workforce Management (WFM) capabilities, nurse managers can automate patient-to-caregiver assignments based on unique patient workloads, bed proximity, and continuity of care. Now nurse managers and leaders can utilize real-time data to augment their professional clinical judgement to make safe, fair, and equitable patient assignments.  

New workspaces for shift-based employees and managers: Both shift-based employees and managers have unique time, attendance, and scheduling needs in addition to standard employment and HR tasks. New standard Workspaces are available in the Portal Workspace catalog that consolidates all employee and manager self-service functions across Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workforce Management (WFM) to manage time clocking, shift schedules, and schedule coverage more simply.  

Infor On-Ramp for AWS health lake (IFOR): Leverage your healthcare organization’s robust legacy clinical data with the modern capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence to advance the mission of healthcare and a more rapid pace. AWS Health Lake is a HIPAA-eligible & HITRUST certified service offering for healthcare and life science organizations offering a chronological view of individual or patient population health data for query and analytics at scale. 

Population health management reporting: In 2025, all U.S. Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) need a solution to report electronic clinical quality metrics (eCQMs) to achieve desired outcomes for patients, payers and the population they serve. Infor’s solution will collect data from the different organizations across the ACO, normalize and transform these data, and then analyze it against a knowledge graph and machine-learning AI model to identify gaps in care. Infor will deliver a much-needed solution to enhance quality of life, reduce healthcare costs, foster social and economic development. 


Retain and recruit frontline talent

Post-pandemic, the healthcare world is facing an unprecedented shortage of talent. CloudSuite Healthcare improves the day-to-day realities of existing talent – and recruit new talent -- by automating low-level tasks and freeing clinical staff to spend time caring for patients instead. Infor eases the administrative burden for nurses and managers, allowing them to prioritize employees and patients. With low-level, historically manual tasks completely automated, supervisors can optimize their staff’s schedules while actionable insights aid in areas like career planning, onboarding, and staff development.  

Employees across the healthcare space are facing extreme levels of burnout, resulting in an industry-wide talent shortage that needs to be addressed. Infor CloudSuite healthcare reduces the administrative burden on clinical staff, reducing burnout and making room for career growth. After adopting Infor, healthcare organizations have reduced administrative complexity in key areas by as much as 90%.


Blockchain career credential verification: Infor Blockchain Career Credential Verification leverages new Human Capital Management (HCM) technology around career credentials and personal information verification by reducing labor costs incurred with traditional (phone/e-mail/fax) verification methods and time to hire and onboard new employees. This solution automates credential and personal information verification, reducing labor costs for phone call verification processes, onboarding time, and time to hire. Candidates control which verifiable credentials they share.  

AI employee development recommendations: Leverage machine learning technology to suggest learning opportunities for each employee based on peer activity. This solution guides employees through the process of identifying growth opportunities, helping to increase employee engagement and retention.  



Clinical Science: Patient Centric Staffing and Assignment

Infor Clinical Science helps hospitals align their staff with patient care requirements to provide high quality, safe patient care.

  • Balancing costs, demand, and compliance issues.
  • Determine staffing assignments based on patient workloads leveraging data from your EMR.
  • Anticipate workforce demands and schedule the right amount of nursing coverage.
  • Increase employee satisfaction and engagement by empowering employees.

Support smarter staffing decisions by providing decision makers with up-to-date patient information.

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Connect operational, clinical, and staffing data

Healthcare providers and payers can better manage dynamic data across their organizations with our cloud ERP solutions.
Screenshot of healthcare ERP shows electronic health records (EHR) are securely and easily connected across the organization.

Standardize healthcare data and reporting

Improve quality of patient care via EHR to ERP integrations.

  • Improve quality of patient care via EHR to ERP integrations
  • Reduce equipment downtime and protect revenue
  • Optimize stock on hand while eliminating stockouts
  • Improve the efficiency of turning rooms
  • Securely solve complex interoperability challenges
Three clinic staff managers reduce turnover and wasteful administration time with mobile tools.

Improve clinician and staff experiences

Provide self-service scheduling and patient assignment tools based on clinical data.

  • Lower turnover by improving staff engagement
  • Reduce non-productive administration time
  • Increase accessibility via mobile tools for employees
  • Reskill and retrain employees
Two masked healthcare managers control ROI with an optimized supply chain.

Increase clinical supply chain efficiency

Leverage clinically integrated healthcare supply chain software and embedded costing for greater ROI.

  • Embed costing and healthcare accounting with capacity modeling
  • Combine clinical and non-clinical analytics data
  • Streamline workflows with process automation
  • Keep communication lines between the supply chain team and the clinical team always open
We partnered with Infor to upgrade processes to the cloud to increase agility, improve the ability to quickly scale. In addition to increase efficiency, provide more tools for employees and providers, and ultimately support our patients better.
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Delivering value for customers across industries


Healthcare industry software solutions

Healthcare ERP cloud software

Infor® Healthcare is a complete ERP software platform in the cloud designed for healthcare. It encompasses a comprehensive suite of business solutions unique to healthcare, including finance, planning, supply chain, human capital, and analytics.


  • Affordability of care with real-time interfaces between modules
  • Supplier onboarding and invoice KPIs, and reporting and consolidation
  • Real-time visibility with financials, supply chain and HCM, BI reporting, and embedded analytics
  • Enhance employee potential with science infused, mobile enabled, HR, payroll, and benefits
  • Real-time visibility into the movement and management of medical equipment, staff, and patients


  • Infor Financials & Supply Management
  • Infor HCM
  • Infor OS
  • Infor Location Based Intelligence

See Infor Healthcare ERP

Supply chain and financial management for healthcare

Infor® Financials & Supply Management is an integrated finance and supply management software in the cloud that couples modern financial functionality with tools to track supplies and streamline order processes.


  • Personalized home pages
  • Beautiful and intuitive role based user interface
  • Unlimited financial calendars
  • Unlimited ledgers and basis reporting
  • Unlimited dimension strings
  • Full visibility of indirect spend
  • Strengthened supplier relationships
  • Increased policy compliance
  • Multiple cost savings opportunities
  • Powered by data-science
  • Embedded analytics directly in users’ work streams


  • Infor Financials & Supply Management
  • Infor OS

See Infor Financials & Supply Management

HCM for Healthcare

Infor® HCM is a leading, end-to-end talent solution that helps healthcare organizations strategically align people initiatives and skill sets to deliver on your mission.


  • Get all the human capital management functionality you need in one complete solution, with the broad capabilities from a single cloud HR vendor
  • Utilize a consumer-grade, personalized, role-based user interface with prebuilt, interoperable components across your HR organizational structures globally
  • Use relevant and timely data, based on behavior science and analytics to engage employees and reach their greatest potential
  • Apply modern HR cloud technology to give you complete employee visibility; optimally hire, develop, and retain the right talent
  • Boost employee performance, improve workforce effectiveness, and maintain control over your company’s talent strategy and HCM technology with a flexible, secure, and cost-effective cloud
  • infrastructure


  • Infor HCM
  • Infor Talent Growth
  • Infor HR Talent
  • Infor Talent Science®
  • Infor LMS
  • Infor HR Service Delivery

See Infor HCM

Healthcare software integration platform

Infor Cloverleaf® Integration Suite software streamlines the exchange of clinical data to help improve healthcare outcomes and business operations. The software allows healthcare organizations to efficiently solve complex interoperability challenges securely and at scale, while using the latest standards (including HL7® FHIR®).


  • Easy to use, even in complex integration scenarios
  • Customer-proven scalability and reliability
  • Offers a prebuilt FHIR solution
  • Includes a healthcare API Gateway
  • Available in the cloud

See the Cloverleaf Integration Suite

Healthcare workforce management platform

Optimize every aspect of workforce productivity and address your staffing challenges with Infor® Workforce Management. Maintain optimal patient quality, safety, and financial outcomes to deliver quality care. You get time and attendance, demand-driven scheduling, workforce scheduling, and absence management tools.


  • Enable your people to access workforce data anywhere, anytime
  • Track employee time and get the right data to payroll every time
  • Leverage vertically specialized shift- or demand-driven scheduling tools
  • Take advantage of intuitive software for budgeting, planning, and forecasting staffing demand

See Infor Workforce Management
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